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Germany overweights new energy vehicle subsidies, China is in danger

This article is from WeChat public account: travel a passenger (ID: carcaijing) , author: Chen Liang, from the title figure: vision China Falling and falling has become the main theme of China’s new energy automobile industry since July. The latest data from China Automobile Industry Association shows that in October this year, China’s new energy vehicle sales ushered in the fourth drop. In October, China’s new energy vehicle output was.. Read More

2017⇆2019, the business of applets has changed

There are even more Ali apps connected to the Alipay applet, including almost the top 30 apps on the monthly list. It can be said that applets are becoming an important infrastructure for the second half of the Internet. And whoever has a better infrastructure, who can hold more B-end merchant resources, this is an important bargaining point for the giant to battle the industrial Internet. Small games are popular.. Read More

Minority’s Future Conjecture | Xiaowang Technology Li Binyi: In the winter, business services will expand and increase

Standing at the turning point between old and new, he felt that it was both an opportunity and a test. Xiaowang Technology, which has more than 2 million business users, stands in the spotlight, and whispers start to appear in the conference hall of hundreds of people. To them, Xiaowang Technology may be too unfamiliar. This “newcomer” in the enterprise service field, established just one year ago, won the “high.. Read More

2010-2020, the major marketing lessons in the past ten years are not limited to the Adidas family

This article is from WeChat public account: when interest (ID: SocialTouchST) , author: Condi, week in security, the original title:” 2010⇆2020: vertex growth, brand “Beginning”, picture from: Visual China In 2020, in this year where millennials represented by Yi Xi Qianxi will have their 20th birthday, a new round of Kangbo cycles is being born. Despite allegiance to the past, the new economic era has come as promised. Hot words.. Read More

Reduce tariffs, send traffic … After the implementation of number portability, the three major operators have also worked hard to retain users

Want to experience the “customer is God” feeling? Try the internet! Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “ Zhongjing Jingwei ” (ID: jwview), author Chang Tao. “If you want to bring your number to the Internet, we have 100 ways to retain you.” This may sum up the psychological activities of operators in the recent period. From November 10th, the number-transferring network was put into trial.. Read More

After a few reports about the “Huawei buyout of working age” 11 years ago, we hooked up a little gossip …

Opening point: This is just a gossip and coincidence. Huawei ’s 251 employee incident has been buzzing these days. It involves Huawei ’s manpower, legal affairs, and management measures. For a while, Huawei became the target of criticism and the target of Internet users ’crusade. The truth is not yet clear, and by chance, I found a gap that can release my inner gossip impulse. In the above incident, Li.. Read More

The state has set a 15-year development plan for ultra-detailed new energy vehicles.

The average power consumption of new vehicles in use dropped to 12.0 kWh / 100 kilometers, and the average fuel consumption of new plug-in hybrid vehicles (including extended programs) to 2.0 liters / 100 kilometers. 6. Improving technological innovation capability is one of the important goals for the development of the new energy vehicle industry in the next stage. It will then promote the deepening of the “three vertical and.. Read More

Technology God reply 丨 Apple may release a new iPhone every six months, my wallet does not allow

/460/511.htm “target =” _ blank “> Slashleaks exposes Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 real photo: dual cameras under the screen Twitter revealed that Slashleaks revealed the real photo of Xiaomi MIX 4, and said that Xiaomi MIX 4 will not appear on December 10, but Xiaomi will disclose relevant information about Xiaomi MIX 4 at the end of December. The exposure chart shows that Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 has a dual.. Read More

The “black technology” that should have become a reality in 2020

If the creators of decades ago really have come to today, they will probably be surprised to say: “Now is the future!” Editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public account “ AI 前线 “(ID: ai-front), author & editor | Chen Si. Hovering cars are flying all over the sky, robot stewards are running all over the street, the clone crisis is emerging, humans are already facing challenges from.. Read More