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Epidemic Prevention Observation from Xiantao, Hubei: Grandmother Xiao Cough started to cough

This article is from WeChat public account: Xintiandi NewEra (ID: njuNewEra2016) , NTU students home quarantine documentary, South new Biography” next newsroom “produced, author: Liu Yi Here, like everyone else, I am just a witness. My life has become part of this event. I live here, with everything. ——S.A.Alexievich I. When the new pneumonia spreads quietly, the vast majority of unsuspecting ordinary people are immersed in the joy of welcoming.. Read More

Epidemic situation for one month: Many enterprises have difficulty in operating, and support measures have been introduced in various places.

As of 13:00 on February 3, 17,311 people have been diagnosed with new-type coronavirus pneumonia nationwide, 21,558 suspected cases, 490 cured, and 361 dead. Affected by the epidemic, all parts of the country have decided to extend the Spring Festival holiday to February 2 and some regions to extend to February 10. Although vacations are extended, many people can spend more time with their families, but due to the epidemic.. Read More

Some people in the community are infected with the new coronavirus, what should I do? These 10 questions must be read

This article is reprinted with permission WeChat public account: Doctor Lilac (ID: DingXiangYiSheng) , author: Fan Yun column, high Rachel, secondary reproduced or cooperation, please contact Temperature, knowledge, and attitude. Dr. Lilac, a new generation of mass health media. Picture from: worm These days are still the peak of the outbreak. More and more people may have heard: there are suspected or confirmed cases of this epidemic in nearby.. Read More

Eggshell Apartments: Subsidies for All Tenants

The announcement from Eggshell Apartments, “A Letter to Tenant of Eggshell Apartments,” shows that tenants in different regions will enjoy different rent subsidy policies depending on the degree of impact of the epidemic. The impact of the new Coronavirus epidemic on population movement restrictions and delayed construction has greatly affected the domestic housing rental industry. Different from the “one-bedroom hard-to-find” scenario in the rental season after the Spring Festival in.. Read More

“Kneel to live!” First-line venture capitalists give the survival rules of SMEs

The picture is from: worm Core points A number of investors believe that the impact of the epidemic on the economy may exceed the SARS period. Severe challenges At present, it is most important for companies to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and to maintain attention to cash flow. Proactively striving for relevant discounts from parks and properties is also one of the feasible ways to survive the crisis. The.. Read More

Spring Festival couplets are also crazy

The title picture comes from: Figure Worm Spring couplet, the cultural heritage of every Chinese. Every time the Spring Festival comes, every family will paste the Spring Festival couplet to create a festive atmosphere. On the 29th day of the lunar calendar, A Cai and her mother came to the supermarket to buy the Spring Festival couplets. Compared with the traditional spring couplets in the past, the modern spring couplets.. Read More

The laboratory for daily inspection of 10,000 cases is about to be completed, and new crown virus detection is difficult.

This article comes from Tencent News periscope , author: Bu Xiang, thematic map From: Figure Worm A fire epidemic virus testing laboratory named “Fire Eye” is about to be put into use. The 2000-square-meter “Fire Eye” laboratory built by Wuhan City and the East Lake New Technology Development Zone Government based on BGI is about to be completed, and can detect 10,000 suspected cases every day. One of the early.. Read More

Kenyan freight company Sendy secures $ 20 million in Series B financing, Africa freight may usher in “three countries killing”?

Africa’s freight traffic has added strength. According to foreign media reports, Kenyan freight company Sendy recently received a $ 20 million Series B financing led by Atlantica Ventures. Also participating in the follow-up investment are Toyota Tsusho Corporation, Asia Africa Investment, Sunu Capital, Enza Capital, Vested World, Kepple Capital, etc., which is responsible for overseas investment operations under the Toyota Group. Kenya’s largest telecommunications operator, Safaricom, also participated in Sendy’s.. Read More

240 hours at home

This article is from the WeChat public account: New World Phase X Institute (ID: thefairlab) , author: X director, from the cover: Oriental IC Today is the first day of construction. The director wishes you a great start! This Spring Festival is probably the most special Spring Festival that you’ve been in since you were a child: you have gone out a lot, and gone to visit relatives and friends… Read More

Hummer reborn, named after electricity

The military Hummer has always been one of the most talked about equipment among military fans. Its strong off-road capability and solid reliability have won the favor of American soldiers. The Hummer is also the most well-known military car after the Willis Jeep. Whether you are an army fan or an off-road fan, you will be more or less impressed by its huge toughness. After fame in the Gulf battlefield,.. Read More