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Four questions about new oxygen, the cruel truth of the first share of medical beauty

Production | Tiger Sniff Research Author | Ding Ping On March 23, New Oxygen Technology released its financial results for the fourth quarter of 2019 and its fiscal year 2019. The report shows that in the fourth quarter of 2019, total revenue was 358.2 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 95.7%; net profit was 69.9 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 71.4%; total revenue for the full year of 2019.. Read More

vivo X30 Pro AW joint limited edition tour: mirror glass body, both a back cover and a mirror

In recent years, mobile phone manufacturers have launched many cross-border co-branded products, including those that cooperate with automobile brands and those that cooperate with luxury brands. There are also collaborations with fashion designers. In addition to being a communication tool today, mobile phones are also accessories that we match with clothes and show taste. At a press conference last December , vivo announced the co-branded vivo X30 Pro with Alexander.. Read More

What will Alibaba’s future look like after the epidemic is over?

This article is from the WeChat public account: Internet and Entertainment Strange Team (ID: TMTphantom) , author: monster head group Pei culture, the subject map from: IC photo There is no doubt that Alibaba was, is, and will be a company based on e-commerce, especially retail e-commerce. Ali’s operating profit comes almost entirely from the core e-commerce business, especially the Taos e-commerce (Taobao / Tmall / Ju cost-effective, etc.) … Read More

Aragonite BOOX Nova 2 Reader Experience: Not just a reader, but also your inspiration board

The e-book can be said to be a more amazing product, because it “can read 10,000 volumes and cover instant noodles daily.” This also reflects the situation of current e-book readers to some extent. After all, deep reading is not the habit of most consumers. How to break through from many similar products has also become a problem for manufacturers. So there are many different products in the market. There.. Read More

Results Express | New Higher Education 2019 net profit of 430 million yuan, net interest-bearing liabilities reduced by 50%

New Higher Education currently has 7 schools with more than 113,500 students, covering 300 undergraduate and college majors. 7,147 employees. On March 23, New Higher Education (02001.HK) announced its 2019 annual report. In 2019, New Higher Education achieved revenue of 1.252 billion yuan, an increase of 72.2% year-on-year; net profit of 430 million yuan, an increase of 69.3% year-on-year. The reason for the increase in revenue was that: the newly.. Read More

Who will be the “last straw” for the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics?

This article comes from WeChat public account: Sloth Bear Sports (ID: Pilanxiongsports) < / a>, author: bear-visual The International Olympic Committee has stated for the first time that the Tokyo Olympics may be postponed. The Canadian and Australian national teams announced their refusal to participate in the Olympic Games in the summer of 2020. Is this a notice of the extension of the Tokyo Olympics? In the early morning of.. Read More

What is the point of Kirin 820 in the mid-market “nuclear bomb”?

Last June, Huawei Hisilicon released the mid-range processor Kirin 810, which broke the Android mid-range mobile phone market at that time. A pool of standing water. At that time, MediaTek’s performance was poor, and it gradually sank into the hundred-yuan market. The performance of the Kirin 710 GPU can only be benchmarked to Qualcomm 660, and the CPU can only be benchmarked to Snapdragon 675. It is a bit powerless.. Read More

After leaving the state-owned enterprise, being trapped, losing money, and dilemma … people still have to choose what they are good at

Rather than fantasize, it is better to work hard in the right direction and do what you can control. Editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public account “Li language professional beauty” (ID: crystal_words) author: Zhao glass. Write in front: I don’t know why recently, the studio always receives such a request for consultation, the main idea is as follows- “I don’t know what I like, I hope that.. Read More

Exclusive: It is said that Ali will soon acquire the music copyright giant

Today, a source close to the investment department of Alibaba (hereinafter referred to as “Ali”) revealed that Ali is in talks with a music copyright giant to discuss the acquisition. Regarding the specific amount and detailed stage of the transaction, the person familiar with the matter said it was inconvenient to disclose further. If the acquisition is reached, it will be another major move in the music field after Ali.. Read More

Why is the project delayed?

Project postponement is probably a problem that every product manager will encounter, and there are many patterns of postponement. There are postponements caused by unclear demand and postponements caused by change in demand. Introduction The project is postponed, which is probably a problem that every product manager will encounter, and there are many patterns of postponement. There are postponements caused by unclear demand and postponements caused by changes in demand… Read More