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From the leader’s assassination to the side coach, Zhang Yaqin’s “regression” journey

Entering middle age, professional managers learn to “regress.” Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account “The power of machines” (ID: almosthuman2017) a>, the author is slightly fat, April. Unlike many people, Zhang Yaqin has reached a level that others cannot reach in the first thirty years of his life. Although the roles of managers and professional managers have changed, child prodigies and scientists still seem to be the.. Read More

Knowing | Kobe “backs back”, Mamba is not dead

Kobe died, Los Angeles time will always stop at 4 am, but the tinder left by Mamba spirit will not disappear. Author | Dong Jie Li Zhenliang Kobe has died. Los Angeles time always stops at 4 am. On the morning of January 26, US time, when Chinese fans across the ocean were still sleeping, Kobe died unfortunately at the age of 41 because of a helicopter crash. He died.. Read More

A family in the Red Village of Yiwu: Do not return to their hometown during the Spring Festival, take turns selling live goods

With one more chance than others. The empty Yiwu during the Spring Festival has become the arena in which they tried to overtake the curve in their lives. The live broadcast of eloquence in the rivers and lakes Zheng Liuping, born in 1989, did not go to school after graduating from junior high school. He first followed his brother to Luoyang to work as a decorator for several years, and.. Read More

Taking SARS data as a reference, at what stage has the epidemic reached?

The article is from the public account: DT Finance (ID: DTcaijing) , author: DT motionless Jun, title figure: novel coronavirus infection epidemic world map 1960, the year of Gengzi. The nationwide food shortage caused by the ever-expanding drought has allowed the Chinese to start a new year in a famine. 2020 will be another year of Gengzi Rat, and it will be a new crisis. In a panic, the Chinese.. Read More

Real estate enterprises fight against “inflammation”

The circle of friends, WeChat group, news feed, etc. all broadcast the latest situation in real time. The epidemic affects everyone’s heart. The country is gathering strength to fight the epidemic, and real estate companies have also donated money and supplies, and joined the ranks of Chi Aid. On New Year’s Eve, Country Garden donated the first batch of 60,000 professional medical protective masks and other materials while donating money… Read More

I fight pneumonia in Wuhan

Source | fuel economy (ID: rancaijing) Author Jin Ming Liming Wei Jia Yan Lijiao Tang Yahua Su Qi Kong Mingming Meng Yana Title Map | Visual China New pneumonia is still spreading, and Wuhan is still in the “storm eye” of the epidemic. On January 23, Wuhan announced the closure of the city. At the same time, information on the lack of medical supplies in various hospitals was circulated online… Read More

Kobe dies unexpectedly: NBA loses a great player, investment circle loses a famous investor

Kobe, goodbye! Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account “ Forty Capitals ” (ID: DsstCapital), author: Chai good news Kobe, goodbye! In the early morning of January 27, 2020, Beijing time, according to CNN, ESPN and other media, the Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant was killed in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California today (30 west of Los Angeles). Kilometers away) died at the age of 41… Read More

Kobe, life’s ups and downs are impermanent

This article is from WeChat public account: Half Buddha (ID: banfoSB) < / a>, author: semi-immortal Buddha. 1 Joe Bryant was born in Philadelphia, USA in 1954. He has a high basketball talent, but what is more firmly engraved in his blood than a basketball talent is a performance talent. Joe was one of the few players in that era to pay more attention to performance and appreciation than basketball… Read More

Real estate starts to be free of “epidemic” model, sales offices in more than 10 cities nationwide are closed

The speed will increase, usually 3 days. And during the Spring Festival, some popular activities will be launched to accelerate the invitation of customers and gather popularity. Generally, people will start buying houses on the first day of the first month, and there will be a small climax after the third day of the second day. There was no pressure on three or four hundred sets of transactions throughout the.. Read More

20 leadership books recommended by Wharton professors in 2020

There are many new books to look forward to in the new year. Shenzhen Translation Bureau is its compilation team, focusing on technology, business, workplace, life and other fields, focusing on introducing new foreign technologies, new perspectives and new trends. Editor’s note: If you want to improve a certain workplace competitiveness and leadership through reading, and you walk into a bookstore, you find that there are a lot of successful.. Read More