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Knowing the internal test “good things recommended”, commercialization and new attempts

Currently, good reviews are only open to invited users. Editor’s note: This article is from Interface Technology, author. After the launch of MCN, I know that there is a new attempt in commercialization. According to the official introduction, at present, the good object recommendation is only open to the inviting user, and the user (question answerer) can insert the product card in the answer and the article. If the user.. Read More

Interview with Sonos Vice President of Product Marketing: In addition to sound quality, Sonos has to do better quality

September 4,Bridge Studio in Berlin Inside, Sonos held a new product launch here. But in fact, for me, this event is more like an outdoor party that invites friends to participate, rather than the press conference with a big stage in our general impression. This eventby Sonos CEO Patrick Spenceopening Sonos Move is the protagonist of this event – this is Sonos’ first real outdoor sound, but unlike the traditional.. Read More

How to define the future status and role of RPA? | WISEx Enterprise Intelligence Industry Summit

What is the threshold and future of RPA? Enterprises are welcoming a more “automated” future, and RPA is opening a new era of smart office. On September 10th, the “WISEx Enterprise Intelligence Industry Summit” was held in Shanghai, inviting major capitalists and representative companies in the domestic RPA industry to focus on how RPA disrupts corporate processes and promotes new changes in enterprise intelligence. RPA is a hot topic in.. Read More

Lossless music for free for 90 days, Amazon came up with Spotify, Apple Music to grab users’ new tricks

Amazon’s Prime has become a benchmark for paid members, compared to its other fee-based service, Amazon Music, which has a lower sense of focus. Today, the focus of streaming music in the US is mainly in Spotify and Apple. Music, so in order to eat from the two giants, Amazon Music put a big move yesterday: lossless music. As with most online music platforms, Amazon Music currently offers a standard.. Read More

15 years of experience sharing: Some things you should know before becoming a programmer (below)

If you want to be a programmer, this content can make you less detours. The Translation Bureau is a compilation team that focuses on technology, business, workplace, life and other fields, focusing on foreign new technologies, new ideas, and new trends. Editor’s note: “I started to follow the path of programmers 15 years ago. If I can, I hope someone can sit next to me and tell me what I.. Read More

Huawei’s rotating chairman Hu Houkun: Huawei’s sale of 5G patents can reduce security concerns

Hu Houkun said that the commercial deployment of 5G is still accelerating, and it takes time for revenue to form. 文 | Su Jianxun, Li Zhenliang On September 18th, the 4th Huawei Connected Conference was held in Shanghai. This is the first time that Huawei has integrated enterprise BG, operator BG, and cloud BU into ICT organizations. The “Full Connection Conference” is Huawei’s annual To B business training ground. Compared.. Read More

Gionee mobile phone behind the high-profile comeback: mysterious wealthy business operators, brand authorization doubts, dealers do not buy

The appearance of this new model is regarded as the “return” of Gionee. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Going to the net” (ID: China-Venture), author Zhan Fangge, Editor Chen Ziyang, is authorized to publish. After this comeback, the cast network found that there are still many mysteries still to be unveiled: Who is the trader “mysterious wealthy businessman” Lu Guanghui? When and how did it get.. Read More

Ten questions about new domestic consumption investment, what is the difference between Chinese and American cosmetics growth?

Will women buy expensive, imported high-end cosmetics after they have money? This article is from WeChat public account “10 billion research institute” (ID: yibaiyiyanjiusuo)< /a>, the original topic “New China’s domestic consumption investment ten questions, from the rise to speculate on the difference in the growth path of Chinese and American cosmetics companies” September 11th, 2019, 36kr media news, the perfect diary of the domestic make-up brand has completed the.. Read More

Jay Chou can’t copy

Jay Chou’s singles generated more than 23 million revenues, injecting a strong heart into the digital music market, but his success is difficult to replicate. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Fueling Finance” (ID: rancaijing ), author Zhao Lei, Edit Wei Jia. Overnight, the “man” once again stood in the middle of the public opinion field. After more than 500 days, Jay Chou finally released his latest.. Read More

The Japanese food giant has transformed the old-age market, and its share price and market value have tripled. What implications does it have for the Chinese dairy industry?

Is it continuing to fight in the fiercely competitive infant market, or is it turning to a blue-and-green middle-aged market? Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “AgeClub” (ID: AgeClub) , author of the AgeClub Institute. The original title “Depth: Japanese dairy giant Meiji successfully transformed the elderly food market, performance / market value growth of 3 times, how do Chinese dairy giants layout the elderly consumer market?.. Read More