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The senior management team of Minsheng wealth management revealed that ouyangyong was the chairman and zhangchanglin was the president

The senior management team of Minsheng Financial Management Co., Ltd. was officially announced< Br > < div class= "contheight" > < / div > on July 27, the approval on the opening of Minsheng Wealth Management Co., Ltd. disclosed by the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission showed that the qualification of the director and chairman of Ouyang Yong Minsheng Wealth Management Co., Ltd. was approved; Approve the qualifications of.. Read More

Zhengzhou held a report meeting on key real estate enterprises’ projects, giving priority to the rescue of seven leading real estate enterprises

On July 26, a screenshot of a document marked with the release of Zhengzhou housing security and real estate bureau on July 20 was circulated on the Internet. The document was entitled “report on the voluntary withdrawal of Housing enterprises in Zhengzhou”. According to the document, Zhengzhou Housing Administration Bureau recently held a meeting to report on the “voluntary withdrawal of leading real estate enterprises”. For the projects of key.. Read More

National Bureau of Statistics: from January to June, the profits of Industrial Enterprises above designated size increased by 1.0%

From January to June, industrial enterprises above Designated Size achieved a total profit of 4270.22 billion yuan, an increase of 1.0% year-on-year< Br > < div class= "contheight" > < / div > from January to June, among industrial enterprises above Designated Size, state-owned holding enterprises achieved a total profit of 1489.45 billion yuan, an increase of 10.2% year-on-year; Joint stock enterprises achieved a total profit of 3197.79 billion yuan,.. Read More

The rise of photovoltaic industry chain is linked, and Zhonghuan, Tongwei and Longji have increased the price of silicon cells in turn

On July 26, the official website of Longji green energy (, the leader of photovoltaic silicon chips, updated the quotation of p-type monocrystalline silicon chips. Compared with the quotation on June 30, the price of 182mm silicon wafer increased by 0.24 yuan / piece, or 3.3%; The prices of 166mm silicon wafer and 158.75mm silicon wafer increased by 0.25 yuan / piece, or 4.1% and 4.3% respectively. In addition, in.. Read More

IMF once again lowered its world economic growth forecast for this year and next

On July 26, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) lowered its world economic growth forecast for 2022 and 2023 to 3.2% and 2.9% respectively, which is another reduction after the agency lowered its world economic growth forecast in April< Br > < div class= "contheight" > < / div > the IMF released the updated content of the world economic outlook report on the same day. It is expected that the.. Read More

Li Xin, chairman of the board of directors of China Resources Land, resigned as president, and Wu Bingqi, executive director, took over

On the evening of July 26, China Resources Land ( announced that since July 26, Li Xin resigned as the president of the company and Wu Bingqi was appointed as the president of the company< Br > < div class= "contheight" > < / div > the announcement shows that due to the work arrangement of China Resources Land, Li Xin resigned as the president of the company and continues.. Read More

Tourism stocks rose collectively: the two ministries and commissions issued documents to increase financial support for tourism and stabilize employees

According to the official website of the people’s Bank of China, on July 25, the people’s Bank of China and the Ministry of culture and tourism jointly issued the “notice on financial support for the restoration and development of the cultural and tourism industry” (hereinafter referred to as the “notice”). The “notice” pointed out that various forces should be exerted to promote the restoration and development of the cultural and.. Read More

Oil prices have fallen three times in a row! Filling up a tank of oil costs nearly 40 yuan less than last month, and the gas station has launched a promotional war

Domestic refined oil prices have experienced “three consecutive falls”. The national development and Reform Commission announced in the evening of July 26 that according to the recent changes in oil prices in the international market and the current price formation mechanism of refined oil, the domestic gasoline and diesel prices (standard products) have been reduced by 300 yuan and 290 yuan per ton respectively since 24:00 on July 26< Br.. Read More

Chen Shuang, former party secretary and CEO of Everbright Holdings, was investigated and resigned three years ago

According to the information from the discipline inspection and supervision group of Everbright Group and the supervision committee of Anhui Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the State Supervision Commission, Chen Shuang, the former party secretary and CEO of China Everbright Holdings Co., Ltd., is suspected of serious violations of the law and is currently under supervision and investigation< br>

The high temperature in many places is “red and purple”, and the highest power load in Guangdong, Zhejiang and Jiangsu has reached a record high

According to the latest data released by China Southern Power Grid Corporation, at 15:23 on July 25, the unified load adjustment of China Southern Power Grid reached 223 million KW, an increase of 6.459 million KW over last year’s maximum load, an increase of 2.99%, the first new high this year. At 14:27 on the same day, the unified load regulation of Guangdong power grid hit a record high for.. Read More