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On the beach, the big man fell into the altar: It was even worse than Ma Yun, but now he surrendered himself.

On the beach, Dai Zhikang, who was on the beach, fell to the altar. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “zinc scale” (ID: znkedu ), author Qiu Lili, editor Xu Wei. The wind on the beach, Dai Zhikang, completely fell to the altar. On September 1, Shanghai Pudong Branch notified the investigation of the case of “Zhengda Company”. According to the circular, since August 12 this year,.. Read More

Change in the Middle: Carrefour Brazil Reform “Three Axes”

The French retail giant is investing in a diversified business in Brazil, testing the omni-channel retail strategy. The author of this article, Thiago Romariz, original title: Carrefour, the company that brings in the most revenue in Brazil is betting on partnerships to grow Even more Summary of Points: Brazil’s next “super app”: investing in product services, merchandising and digital payments, striving to be a model for omni-channel retailers, the leader.. Read More

Service closure: the biggest enemy of contemporary human knowledge preservation?

If one day, the wind and rain swaying notes close down, what will your notes do? Editor’s note: This article is from “ love child norm “, Author: Di Zhang Fan. Recently, Australian software company Atlassian announced that BitBucket (original address will stop supporting Mercurial and will remove all source code for Mercurial-managed software on the platform. This has forced everyone to ask another question: In the 21st century,.. Read More

KFC on-line artificial meat fried chicken; Meituan tried the food field on behalf of the operation project “Dish Daquan”; Nike out of dual-voice control shoes | Weekly Consumer News Vol.50

This week, these consumer news is worth knowing about new products The first day of artificial meat fried chicken on KFC: 5 ​​hours to sell light On August 27th, local time, KFC began piloting chicken pieces and boneless chicken wings made of plant material at the Atlanta store. The meat comes from the partner artificial meat company Beyond Meat. After 5 hours of sale, the inventory in the store was.. Read More

Exclusive | Today’s headline is “Easy”, CEO Chen Lin will focus on innovation business

The goal of Chen Lin’s next stage is to “run a third DAU for billions of products for byte beating.” 文 | Zhang Yuxi Zhang Xinyu Recently, it has been learned from several independent sources that the personnel adjustment of bytebeat is continuing to escalate: Zhu Wenjia, the new head of today’s headline App, is no longer reporting to today’s headline CEO Chen Lin. Report directly to Zhang Yiming. According.. Read More

Algorithms, why is the role of people in content distribution more important?

A new feature may be one of the mainstream ways of short video distribution. In April 2019, the QQ Watch Team launched a stand-alone short video app, Watch Video, featuring a 1- to 3-minute horizontal PGC video. In addition to personalized recommendations, the video also features a feature called “columns”, where users can create “columns” based on their interests and aggregate the videos on the platform under different columns, such.. Read More

The money is on the “MLM” storm, and Li Bo’s endorsement is still a good business?

Li Xing and Platinum Tour have been working together for less than a year. The original win-win choice, but did not expect both sides to fall into a “devious” situation. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Sprout NewSeed (ID: pelink), author Ning Zexi. Li Huan and Platinum Tour have been working together for less than a year. The original win-win choice, but did not expect both sides.. Read More

Morning Post | “Change Face” Software ZAO Modify User Agreement / Costco Open New Store Next Year / Didi will launch self-driving taxi in Shanghai

“Change Face” Software ZAO Modify User Agreement 36kr message, “chang face” software ZAO modify user agreement, add “special reminder”: user uses ZAO generated content, ZAO will only be used to modify and generate new short video, unless the user agrees again, will not Use the above content in any other form. If the user deletes the uploaded content, ZAO will also remove it from the server in accordance with relevant.. Read More

2019 Vietnam’s report to the sea: film and live broadcast articles

Go, Chinese film and television people, feed the Vietnamese audience! Editor’s note: This article from the micro-channel public number “fugu Film Archives” (ID: htysda) , author Deng Yingxi. Authorized to reprint. Original title: “Go, Chinese film and television people, feed the Vietnamese audience! 》. prologue, Ⅰ. Click on the link to the sea game Review Ⅱ.TMT product click on the link to the sea Review III. E-sports to the sea.. Read More