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Launching the innovation engine, Sanofi hosts the first digital innovation summit

Sanofi believes that in terms of innovation, there is no way to succeed without a close partnership. Only through teamwork can you achieve success. The Extreme Alliance is such a platform. “Sanofi’s global digital transformation strategy covers all aspects of the pharmaceutical value chain, including clinical research, manufacturing, Multi-Channel Engagement, Real World Evidence, digital solutions and Integrated Care. By 2025, Sanofi will be the vision of becoming a global innovation,.. Read More

Deadly Woman: Operating a house is much simpler than operating a marriage

When feelings fail, you have to leave money and house, because after love is annihilated, except for memories, nothing is in this cold autumn. A family ethical soap opera called “Fatal Woman” scored 1 billion hot searches. It must be said that the plot is compact, the characters are full, the dimensions are diverse, and it is not simply rampant to interpret the guilt in the marriage. The plot does.. Read More

Gree’s charter intends to remove the telecommunications business to make a guess, the relevant person responded: no mobile phone

In the case of domestic mobile phone manufacturers’ efforts, does Gree choose to rush? At present, Gree did not give a clear explanation, but denied the speculation that “Gree does not make a mobile phone”. In the end, it will not be announced until the 18th shareholders meeting. Editor’s note: This article is from “Daily Economic News”< /a>, Reporter: Ouyang Kai, editor: Chen Junjie. On October 31, Gree Electric (000651,.. Read More

Zhongtong and Yuantong announced double price increases. Private express travels low price

This article is from WeChat public account: China Times (ID: chinatimes) , author: Di Ling month, from a chart title: Oriental IC Recently, after the “Span class=”text-remarks” label=”Remarks”>(ZTO) took the lead in double price increase, Yuantong Express (600233.SH) also announced to join the price increase camp, everyone can not help but guess who will be next? In fact, in addition to SF Holdings (002352.SZ), it has become common practice for.. Read More

Li Jiaqi “overturned”, Feng Timo “homeless”, after the live broadcast era

Net red value is shrinking. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “deeply” (ID: deep -echo), the author Lu Wei. Core Points ▪The bubble of the Internet economy is rapidly bursting; But the platform, brand and users are no longer paying for the premium of NetRed. When Li Jiaqi brought the non-stick pan to the bottom of the pot in the live broadcast, nearly 4 million fans of.. Read More

Review of the 11th Anniversary of Bitcoin

From no one cares to the current digital gold, the magical journey of Bitcoin continues. Editor’s note: This article comes from the strategic cooperation blockchain media “Odaily Planet Daily” (Public ID: o-daily, < a href="">APP Download) Author | Li Xueting 昕楠 Edit | Hao Fangzhou Odaily Planet Daily Research Institute On November 1, 2019, Bitcoin celebrated its 11th birthday. After 11 years ago, an anonymous person used the name of.. Read More

H&M launches a rental service, can this save the weak fast fashion?

At the end of September, the US fast fashion brand Forever 21 officially declared bankruptcy protection, or will close 350 stores worldwide. Previously, Forever 21 has announced its withdrawal from the Chinese market, which is the epitome of the current fast fashion brand. ▲ Image from: Best Outfits Ideas 2019 Consider the fast, high-quality, low-cost fashion, the advantages in the new speed and price have been left behind by e-commerce.. Read More

Is there anything new in Double 11?

When the 11th to the 11th year, this national shopping carnival is still grand, but it seems more and more boring. The arithmetic formula of “one operation is as fierce as the tiger, saving a total of three five” makes the shopping experience decline year by year. Whether it is more and more complicated and difficult to calculate, it is more and more difficult to make a full reduction, or.. Read More

Kezhen new Mercedes-Benz EQC pure electric SUV start experience

In the display area at the entrance of the Mercedes me Store Beijing Sanlitun Experience Store, we saw the new EQC pure electric SUV. The EQ family’s unique black grille panel, which runs through the upper edge of the grille, and the taillight strips together form the “time and space ring”. It is like being surrounded by current. The EQ exclusive model nameplate further highlights the identity of its EQ.. Read More

Mastering a new skill, only 20 hours is enough.

The “10000 hours” law has been out. The Translation Bureau is a compilation team that focuses on technology, business, workplace, life and other fields, focusing on foreign new technologies, new ideas, and new trends. Editor’s note: Malcolm Gladwell has proposed the “10,000 Hours Law”, that is, to become a world-class expert in a certain field, you must invest at least 10,000 hours for deliberate practice. But in most cases, we.. Read More