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“The Song of Ice and Fire” in the educational robot market

If one day programming is as popular as the Olympics, then the “golden age” of educational robots is coming. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “machine power” (ID: Almosthuman2017), the author is full of praise. If one day programming is as popular as the Olympiad, not only can the quality of students be cultivated, but also the points in the exam-oriented education, then the “golden age” of.. Read More

After the “Ikea Day Tour”, I finally understood the mentality of the “sleeping family”

Reading the city on the mattress “The Pacific Ocean has a warm and humid monsoon, and the bed and sofa have grown wildly. The IKEA has become the most populous region in the city. Three months later, these special The furniture vegetation will gradually decrease until it disappears into the sea, without a trace, until the second year of the week. This custom has been going on for decades, like.. Read More

Ali wants billions of pursuits: Shentong has stopped falling. The strange woman Chen Xiaoying’s brother and sister wants to withdraw?

This time, Ruo’s holding Shentong may also mean that Chen Dejun and Chen Xiaoying’s brothers and sisters chose to abandon the operation of Shentong. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Leidi Touch Network” (ID :touchweb), author Lei Jianping. Shentong Express announced yesterday that it announced that on July 31, 2019, De Yin Investment, the actual controller and the investor signed the “Share Option Agreement”, the agreement agreed:.. Read More

Why do you want to eat 80 million pounds a year? Why is avocado popular in China?

Once the food is in the magic of lifestyle, it naturally has a lot of added economic value. This article comes from the public number: 35 fighting? (ID: vcearth) , author: Chen Yuqing, Photo: pexels Avocado is a fruit that is pushed onto the altar. This year, avocado green has become the fashion color of the current fashion, and it is popular in the fields of clothing, accessories, nail art.. Read More

In-depth information | Chip giants have increased the mobile game market, but the moat of the upstream industry chain is disappearing

It is not surprising that the giants are targeting the mobile game market. The mobile game market is a cake that is still growing. Text | Daily Business Selection Chip giants have increased their mobile game market, but the moat of the upstream industry chain is disappearing Recently, while Qualcomm announced that it is cooperating with Tencent in the game field, MediaTek released a chip specifically for “games”, codenamed Helio.. Read More

Haiyin Ventures Weekly | Ali and Paytm’s joint venture game company seeks to raise $25 million; Softbank is committed to investing $2 billion in Grab

The weekend readings of the sea people Editor’s note: The weekly report of the venture capital is a fixed column of the sea (ID: wow36krchuhai), which is a hot spot for the readers of the venture capital circle. We have compiled the Top 5 news, boutique articles and investment and financing events that are most noteworthy this week. This week’s sea news Top 5 Gojek pays for App GoPay access.. Read More

Focus analysis, luxury e-commerce is losing self

Luxury e-commerce has become more and more “not extravagant.” If it is not a business announcement, perhaps many people have a hard time remembering On July 30th, luxury e-commerce posted an announcement on the APP homepage, saying that it will bid farewell to users for a period of time, and the official website and APP will be closed. The reason for the suspension of business is that the.. Read More

New Oriental is in the middle of the crisis, how to change the butterfly?

New Oriental Ferry Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account“Node Finance” (ID: Jiedian2018), author Aoki; authorized to publish. New Oriental, which has been established for 26 years, has gradually entered the middle ages by juveniles who have enjoyed the golden breeze of the times, and has not escaped the dilemma of the middle-aged crisis. Recently, New Oriental announced its financial results for FY 2019. According to the annual.. Read More