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The front line of the Tesla “Dojo” project leaked, and Musk gave a self-driving killer.

The landing of autonomous driving is also facing great policy restrictions and technical disputes. According to foreign media Report, A few weeks ago on Tesla Investor Day, Tesla’s auto-driving “Dojo” project was exposed, and Musk said the project was the key to marking visual data. On August 4, Musk said on Twitter that “Dojo will bring different degrees to autonomous driving technology.” Tesla’s vehicles generate a large amount of driving.. Read More

The hot-sponsored RPA, the three core issues that have been questioned

When the industry is still in the initial practice period, everyone is like a flower in the fog, not seeing the truth, Ibushouzhi recently visited the frontline practitioners of RPA, trying to… Editor’s note: This article From WeChat public account “Hatching Hand” (ID: ibushouzhi), the author is more chapter . ■Press: The current RPA is chased by many investors and entrepreneurs, but the technology itself has existed for nearly 20.. Read More

The front line | Huawei’s overseas situation improved: the new machine resumed sales on the day, and claimed hundreds of millions of yuan from Flextronics

Huawei, which has been hit by the ban, is also accelerating independent research and development. Huawei’s overseas market has further improved. According to Japan Times reported that Japanese operators KDDI and Softbank said that the Huawei “P30 Lite” series, which was previously deferred, will be resold on the 8th of this month. In May, Japan’s three major operators, KDDI, Softbank, and NTT, issued a statement suspending the launch of the.. Read More

The front line | OPPO this year or the introduction of noise-reduction headphones, expanding the product line is imminent

Compared with Xiaomi and Huawei, in the surrounding products and IoT layout, the blue and green factory is still a lot late. Recently, OPPO Vice President Shen Yiren responded to a netizen on Weibo and said: The self-researched noise reduction neck-mounted headphones will be listed this year, and the watch will not be released for the time being. Because “ is a smart watch, although the circle looks good in.. Read More

The annual review of the music variety: From the amateur draft to the niche, why is it always in the circle?

Can music variety really change the music circle? Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “All Media Party” (ID: Quanmeipai), author of Tencent Media. The taste of this audience is difficult to adjust? That’s a little bit different. In the summer of 2019, “The Summer of the Band” is playing rock; “The Son of Tomorrow 3” is in the idol; “Sound into the Heart 2” is singing a.. Read More

The game player is in the United States: must you do the screws in the big machine?

” data-img-size-val=”1080,720″> The city where Li Jingming lives 2 But in the dusty eyes, the feeling of “screws” is exacerbated by overtime. The world of gaming has problems with overtime, and the United States is no exception. Working in a US game company, high intensity and long working hours are nothing new. Practitioners also accept this. However, reading dust is a tough faction at this point: it is impossible to.. Read More

The avatar instantly sprouts! This technology allows you to transform into a protagonist

5qwfpdx5fj30p60o4tc2.jpg” data-img-size-val=”906,868″> The first author of the paper is Junho Kim: It is worth mentioning that the three authors, including Kim, are from the Korean game company NCsoft, one of the “Golden Shuangxiong” players in the game industry; the other author is from Boeing Korea Engineering. Technology Center. NCsoft’s established online game “Paradise” (Lineage 1 & 2) was launched in 1998. It has been operating continuously for 21 years in.. Read More