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Can lotus root be green?

When people buy vegetables, they may buy some lotus roots to eat, but many people do n’t know much about lotus roots. For example, lotus roots have turned green, and many people do n’t know. Does this mean that the lotus roots are broken and can still be eaten? So, can lotus root hair green be eaten? First of all, if you see that the lotus root has turned green,.. Read More

What to eat for blood

Anemia symptoms in daily life are many people Yes, especially for women who have experienced menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, etc., so it is very important to replenish blood in a timely manner, and diet is the best way to replenish blood, but not every food has a blood replenishing effect Yes, so what to eat for blood? Follow the editor to understand. First of all, blood supplementation needs to eat more.. Read More

How many kinds of birthmarks are there

Many people have birthmarks. Some people have blue birthmarks after birth. As they get older, the birthmarks will gradually fade away. Some birthmarks have always existed. It will never subside. In fact, the types of birthmarks are different, so how many kinds of birthmarks are there? 1. Light red birthmark. Many birthmarks are pale red, spot-shaped, and appear to be small patches of red spots, mostly appearing behind the neck,.. Read More

What is the left side of the waist

I found that there was a faint pain or uncomfortable feeling on the left side of my waist, and I was also worried about its existing diseases when I had similar symptoms, such as internal organs. There is a problem. At this time, I want to figure out the corresponding part and determine which aspect of the disease. So, what is the left side of the waist? The left side.. Read More

What to do with back pain in sleeping soft bed

Bed is a very common furniture in life, and its choice is very important for people. Only with suitable mattresses and bedding can people have good sleep quality. Many people in life like to sleep in soft beds because they are particularly comfortable to sleep. But long-term sleeping in soft beds is bad for your health. So what to do with back pain when sleeping in a soft bed? Let’s.. Read More

Can the sprouted Huaishan eat?

Sprouted potatoes are indeed inedible, because they contain a lot of toxins, in fact, many vegetables and fruits will sprout after a long time, many people will use these melons Compared with potatoes, it is considered that as long as the fruits and vegetables after germination cannot be eaten. So, can the sprouted Huaishan be eaten? The sprouted Huaishan is different from potatoes and is free of toxins, and the.. Read More

How to get body odor at home

Body odor is an unpleasant odor that is emitted from the armpits. It is mainly caused by family inheritance or damp and hot pores. If a woman suffers from body odor, it will have a certain impact on life. So, how to get rid of body odor at home? One is to cover the smell with perfume. Women can spray perfume on the neck and underarms before going out, and.. Read More

Can diarrhea eat peaches

Peaches are rich in dietary fiber, which can promote intestinal digestion and laxative effects. Peach is not only rich in dietary fiber, but also contains protein And vitamins and other nutrients. Can diarrhea eat peaches? You can eat peaches after diarrhea, because peaches lubricate the intestine, increase appetite, and reduce the discomfort caused by diarrhea. The vitamins and protein contained in the peach can help the weak body recover as.. Read More

How to supplement male hormones

Some people think that male hormones are only available to men. In fact, men and women have androgens, but they are only slightly different, and females have more female hormones. The opposite is true for men. Male sex hormones that are masculine are generally more. So, how to supplement male hormones? There are many ways of supplementing male hormones, more exercise can supplement male hormones, such as playing basketball, playing.. Read More

What to do if you get acne on your face

/ p> There is a saying in Chinese medicine that getting angry is often caused by an unhealthy diet or too little water. In addition, if you are mentally stressed and have a lot of stress in your life, you can easily get angry. There are many symptoms of getting angry, such as throat irritation and swelling, and acne on the face. So, what should I do with acne on.. Read More