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Luxury retail or cliff-like decline

What luxury fashion retailers did not expect is that the huge blow from Hong Kong has not yet ended and they will encounter “black swans” again. With the reduction of tariffs to narrow the global spread, in recent years, domestic consumers have become more and more accustomed to buying luxury goods in China. Major luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Hermès have also increased their store openings, but.. Read More

The biggest impact is not what we worry about: some of my views on the market outlook

This article first appeared on the WeChat public account “Thought Steel Seal (ID: sxgy9999)”. If there is something that has a profound impact, we must not know it. 1. Black swan really happened this time The Investor Book List was issued as planned the day before yesterday. As a result, everyone was leaving messages asking about the impact of the epidemic on the market outlook. In fact, I sent two.. Read More

Announcement: Work Area Protection Knowledge of Knowledge Manual for Prevention and Control of Pneumonia of New Coronavirus Infection

This manual comes from Emergency General Hospital of the Ministry of Emergency Management of the People’s Republic of China . 1. How to do it on the way to work Wear a disposable medical mask properly. Try not to use public transportation. Walking, cycling, or taking a private car or shuttle to work is recommended. If you must use public transportation, you must wear a mask all the way. Try.. Read More

Good news, there is an inflection point in the epidemic data.

This article is from WeChat public account: Hou Anyang Investment Notes (ID: SSRStouziganhuo), author: investment assets Hou Anyang, director of charity. From the 20th, we have done data tracking and statistics. I wrote an article before, which contained a review of the SARS epidemic, and large-scale prevention and control is the beginning of things getting better. However, from the principle point of view, after the large-scale control is started, the.. Read More

The mobile game market in the Spring Festival this year has exploded. Here are some data we know.

zyImg “_src =” imageView2 / 2 / w / 1000 / format / jpeg / interlace / 1 / q / 85 “data-w = “1000” data-h = “500”> (“Sword and Expedition” is the only real new mobile game this spring festival) Other games: “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition” is hard, “Bailout 3” is long Except for Tencent, Netease, and Lilith, from the perspective of running water, most other game companies.. Read More

“Working from home” boring and lonely? You should try these 16 remote collaboration artifacts

Today, the State Council officially announced that the Spring Festival holiday will be extended to February 2. However, for security reasons, some companies may choose to arrange employees to work from home in the short term. Aifan’s editorial department has offices in Guangzhou and Beijing, and online collaboration has always been part of daily work. Today, we will share the daily remote collaboration workflow and related tools of the editorial.. Read More

Suspended shooting, closed management, postponed start-up, film and television crew in the epidemic situation

This article is from the WeChat public account: (ID: guduowlj), text: Summer. Pause! The ongoing epidemic is impacting all walks of life. After January 26, “Dajiang Dahe 2”, “Thank You Doctor” announced the suspension of filming, recently, “You Fei”, “Gallery Pavilion”, “You are the kind of Mr. Gu” and other crew members joined the stop shooting army. The film and television city also launched actions. On January 23 and.. Read More

Will this high-end TV technology used by Black Shark and OnePlus be the next selling point?

How can I see the stuttered video feel smooth? Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “ 爱 范 儿 ” (ID: ifanr), author: Li Chen. An interesting point in the age of social media is that whoever is more aggressive and who speaks louder and louder will take the lead in public opinion. Xiaomi, an internet-born, naturally understands this. However, in the TV field, Xiaomi TV has.. Read More

A tribute to the father of disruptive innovation: the best memory is heritage

Following in the footsteps of Christensen, I hope we can get rid of the “innovator’s dilemma” as soon as possible Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account “ Chaos University ” (ID: huntun-university). Clayton M. Christensen, known as the” Master of Innovation “on January 23, 2020 He died at the age of 67 due to ineffective medical treatment. As the founder and founder of “disruptive innovation” theory, Professor.. Read More

Investigation, persuasion, loudspeaker, road closures

“It happened to be surrounded by five households. If you want to walk around, you have to” turn the mountain “first. But for me who never walks, this does not affect me. She talked to me for a few moments, and she was a little at a loss. She and her husband are elderly people living alone, and the house is on the edge of the village. If you want.. Read More