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The sorghum is on fire, and the Shandong children are stunned.

This article is from WeChat official account:Netease Upflow (ID: heyupflow)< span class = "text-remarks">, author: 6024, editor: is not there, head – source: vision China “Is this your sorghum syrup?” “Oh oh my god, big brother, you scared me, wait for me to taste it, this is our sorghum syrup, QQ bombs, can draw silk…” Friends, have you been screened by sorghum syrup recently? From snacks to big sorghum glutinous.. Read More

Three-month-old baby coughing and sneezing (sputum in the throat), how to take medicine

Description of the problem: I coughed for three days, but I was fed with Pediatric Paracetamol Huang Namin Granules and did not improveDate of the problem: 2020-11-04 Patient information:Age: March Gender: FemaleProblem analysis:Hello, the three-month-old baby coughs and sneezes. This is a symptom of upper respiratory tract infection. It is generally used for symptomatic medication. Commonly used drugs include Xiaoer Kechuan Ling, Pediatric Cough Syrup, and Kanggan Granules. I have.. Read More

Following the fire incident of the cloud computing giant, Microsoft decided to send the data center to a “bath”

Microsoft, really dare! Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “CSDN” (ID: CSDNnews), Author: Zheng Liyuan. Last month, a fire broke out in the data center of European cloud service giant OVH, which caused a large number of websites to be paralyzed, and even some customer data was completely lost and could not be recovered. At that time, the topic of data center protection aroused heated discussion… Read More

Unexpectedly, there are so many new coronavirus vaccines in the United States that they can’t be finished.

This article is from WeChat official account:Zoom light (ID: guokr233)< span class = "text-remarks">, author: Mahmoud Shu, editor: a Meng, from the title figure: vision China Producing vaccines, buying vaccines, and administering vaccines are the most anxious things for countries in the post-new crown era. In the absence of specific drugs, purchasing vaccines has become a top priority for many countries. There have been many disputes surrounding the procurement of.. Read More

Recently, the pregnancy test found that the syphilis serum test was positive. What should I do?

Problem description: Hello doctor, I am a patient with sexual dysfunction. When my wife and I were doing artificial insemination three months ago, my wife tested positive for syphilis 1:1 and 1:2. I went to check after the treatment and turned negative. Now my wife has been pregnant for three months, but she was still positive during the checkup. Does this affect her on the fetus? Question date:2020-11-04 Patient information:Age:.. Read More

After waiting for a year, Cook finally announced that the iPhone’s heavy functions will be launched soon, and Facebook and advertisers panic.

After waiting for nearly a year, the boots finally landed. Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “Daily Economic News” (ID: nbdnews), Editor: He Xiaotao, Du Hengfeng Xiao Yong, Proofreader: Cheng Peng, Daily Economic News Comprehensive Sina Digital, 21st Century Business Herald, Tencent Digital etc. On April 7, Apple updated the “A Day in Personal Data” page, adding an explanation of the “App Tracking Transparency” (App Tracking.. Read More

The programmers resigned and sold second-hand pianos. How to turn work into a hobby?

This video Author: Grain in Ear story Kong Liming is a native of Jiangxi. In 2005, he accidentally helped a friend sell second-hand pianos online. Since then, he started this business. The most expensive piano in the online store sold 1.88 million. Her husband used to be a programmer, and after starting a business with his wife, he has become an expert in piano selection. The couple said, “Because I.. Read More

After 32 days of caesarean section, menstruation came back and forth again and again. There are red blood clots.

Problem description: 32 days after caesarean section, menstruation was repeated. There are red blood clots. Question date:2020-11-04 Patient information:Age: 25 years old Gender: FemaleQuestion analysis: Hello, postpartum lochia usually lasts for about 3 to 4 weeks after delivery. If you have a caesarean section, the duration of lochia will be shorter. Guiding suggestion: If it has been a month after delivery and there are still bleeding symptoms, it may be.. Read More

Dizziness, unresponsiveness, weakness, vision and hearing loss

Problem description: Condition description (time of onset, main symptoms, symptom changes, etc.): The patient first suffered from swelling of the instep, then dizziness, general weakness, slow brain response, loss of vision and hearing, and changed two hospitals. No cause. Have you ever been to the hospital for treatment: Have not been to the current medication description: No medication, previous medical and surgical history: noneDate of the question: 2020-11-04 Patient information.. Read More

The quantum computer developed by Honeywell, the “mask factory”, has just been approved by Nature

Ion trap quantum computer Editor’s note: This article from the micro-channel public number “qubit” (ID: QbitAI), of: JinLei. Honeywell, ridiculed as a “mask factory”, broke three times in the field of quantum computing in 9 months. Just now, it posted the details of its own “killer feature” to Nature. And about a year ago, Honeywell “high-profile” announced: It will enter the quantum computing track with a technology different from any.. Read More