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Huawei folding screen Mate X, “Samsung Bureau” can not escape

Author|Zhao Chenxi Title Map|华为Mate X,视觉中国 On November 23, Huawei’s first 5G folding screen phone, Mate X, has been officially available in the “window”. Mate X is priced at RMB 16,999, which is slightly lower than the previous price of 2,299 euros (about RMB 18,000). However, it is slightly higher than the Samsung Galaxy Fold, which is also a 5G folding screen mobile phone. The latter was officially launched as early.. Read More

What makes Bill Gates “repent”: the unclear connection with Epstein

The trillions of dollars of funds are invested in the proposed charitable fund. However, this figure is so ridiculous that his visitors have doubts about Epstein’s credibility. To Florida According to media reports, Gates and Epstein have been meeting, Arnold is not willing to reveal how many times the two have seen. In March 2013, according to a flight list, Gates took an Epstein aircraft from Tateboro Airport, New Jersey,.. Read More

In-depth information | Softbank’s $5 billion to save WeWork, is the money thrown back?

On October 23, shared office giant WeWork announced a $9.5 billion financing agreement with Softbank. Softbank will hold approximately 80% of WeWork’s shares but has not obtained control. 文 | Daily Business Collection Softbank’s $5 billion to save WeWork, is the money thrown back? On October 23, shared office giant WeWork announced a $9.5 billion financing agreement with Softbank, including $5 billion in new funding and up to $3 billion.. Read More

We touched the new Huawei folding mobile phone. After 8 months, where did it change?

Huawei Folding Mobile Phone Mate X National Bank Edition is finally here. After February 24th Huawei Mate X debuted in Barcelona,Experience 8 months of finishing, Mate X officially launched in China today, it is also Huawei’s first 5G mobile phone. But since the conference is called “Huawei 5G Terminal and Full Scene Release Conference”, it means that it is not the only one. A 5G product. Previously debutHuawei Mate 30.. Read More

Technology God Reply | WeChat Payment launched the “Transfer to Mobile Number” function, waiting for someone who entered the wrong number

More than the news, the netizen God responded, look at it together~ Schwarzenegger used the iPhone 11 exclusive mobile phone case, this picture is too beautiful; Huawei folding screen mobile phone Mate X country line release…Late back in the evening There are technical news and netizens’ replies that should not be missed. WeChat Payments launched the “Transfer to Mobile Number” feature to compete with Alipay into the deep waters For.. Read More

Comet Evening News | Huawei officially released Mate X, the first folding screen mobile phone; WeWork received $5 billion in new financing from Softbank; South Korea is considering banned e-cigarettes

Huawei Mate X is priced at 16,999 yuan, and is available for sale at 10:08 on November 15th. Big company Drip Trips Open Services in Multiple Cities in Colombia After launching services in Bogota, Colombia, in June, Didi Travel opened its services in several major cities in Colombia on the 22nd, covering more than 15 million urban residents in the country. The cities where Didi is opened for service are.. Read More

Will Li Bin become the second Jia Yueting?

From entrepreneurs, investors to car dreams Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account “Zhang Dongwei ” (ID: dushibuluo), author Zhang Dongwei. On the evening of October 22, Easy Car Network (NYSE: BITA) announced today that the company’s board of directors special independent committee has hired financial advisory companies Duff & Phelps and Duff & Phelps Securities As an independent financial advisor, help evaluate the company’s previous privatization proposals… Read More

Carmen Briefing | Huawei will develop automotive autopilot radar; Baiteng is close to mass production, the first PP car is off the assembly line

The pure electric vehicles of major car companies are getting closer and closer. Editor’s note: This article is from “Future Car Daily” (WeChat public ID: auto-time), author: Terence Lee Nan. Organization: Li Yinan Headline Huawei will develop radar for autonomous vehicles According to Reuters, Huawei’s rotating chairman Xu Zhijun said that in the future, Huawei will build a millimeter-wave radar based on 5G technology and develop laser radar to solve.. Read More

Crossroads of Shenzhen Electronic Cigarette Factory: From Comfortable Ten Years to Capital Gambling

Shenzhen e-cigarette factory, which was blown on the “window”, should they bet on the future? Editor’s note: This article is from Interface News Technology Channel, author Lin Teng, < Span>佘晓晨,Edit Wen Qiqi. “Luo Yonghao’s price is too low, we refused on the spot!” Zhang Long, the head of an electronic cigarette factory in Shenzhen, sprayed an electronic smog and shook his head. Zhang Long, who used to count the money.. Read More

Wei Mi seeks change, “self-help” or “digging graves”?

Wei Mi loses momentum and can only “seek change” Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account “螳螂财经”(ID:TanglangFin), author 佘凯文. It seems that following the cancellation of this year’s “Vimi Show”, it will be difficult to say next year! Not long ago, two news about Wei Mi were burst out, and Wei Mi was once again pushed into the air of public opinion. First, Wei Mi broke the rules.. Read More