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Hyakki Yayuki

There are three days in the summer vacation. 50-year-old teacher Peng came to live in a small city surrounded by mountains and rivers. He rented a house on the outskirts of the city, which was very cheap. This evening, Teacher Peng ate some local snacks on the street and returned to the residence. It was already quite late. He saw something similar to a postage stamp on the door panel,.. Read More


   It is said that this is a few years ago. At that time, the construction of houses and houses in rural areas was not a matter of contracting, and they were all looking for help. Now to build a house, as long as there is money, the owner does not have to do anything. At that time, the first day I had to ask the person who helped me,.. Read More

first name

University life, nothing is the most time. I was studying in Chiayi, and I heard that Minxiong Haunted House is very famous, so some of our buddies decided to find a day to explore. We chose to go in at noon. The fellow Axia insisted to worship God first, and did not forget to exhort him before entering: “You can’t call anyone’s name after you enter!” After worshipping God, the.. Read More

Difficulty falling asleep

   An eighty-year-old lady walked into a physiotherapy clinic and said to the doctor; Doctor, I have difficulty falling asleep recently, and I can’t sleep at 12 o’clock at night! The doctor recommended a course of foot therapy for her to clear the meridians, improve microcirculation, and ensure that the old lady eats well and can sleep well. The old lady was too overjoyed and thought it would make people.. Read More

The Nobel Prize in Economics “Auction Theory”, why is there a “winner’s curse” in investment?

Author|Man and God work together, title picture: Visual China 1/4 “Winner’s Curse” in the auction Every year, I will write an article introducing the main theories of the Nobel Prize in Economics that year. It used to be written on the public account of “Man and God Working Together”, but this year’s award-winning Paul R. Milgrom and Robert B. Wilson’s auction theory, I think It is more suitable for writing.. Read More

It’s you

The train shook, and from time to time a loud noise was found. Sleeping in this environment is very difficult for me. No, I didn’t fall asleep until I arrived at the destination. Hearing the announcement of the train’s arrival, I stood up and stretched my bones. There is no one but me in the whole carriage. I think this should be a normal phenomenon. Even if there is no.. Read More

Sell ​​vegetables

   Recently, Amin asked his father to live in the city to show his filial piety. His father was bored so he changed the back garden into a vegetable garden and planted some vegetables.  Soon, the full length of vegetables such as radish, cabbage, etc. grew. In order to earn a face in front of his father, A Ming took a job-selling vegetables.  On Sunday morning, Amin took the ripe.. Read More


I don’t know if it is fortunate or unfortunate. During my internship, I was assigned to a suburban hospital in City C, but my work location was a morgue. The job content was to put the delivered corpses in a morgue and freeze them. Although this kind of work is easy, it always feels uncomfortable when I do it. I am afraid that some strange thing will happen to me.. Read More

Open another stove door after the stove

   Feng Liang never liked to sit in a stove and burn a fire. Even on a very cold day, he uses an oven and never burns a fire in the stove to keep warm.  At noon that day, Feng Liang’s wife came into the house, first put water in the pot, put the washed rice into the pot, and then set the fire on the fire.    After a.. Read More

Jia Zhangke announced his withdrawal from Pingyao Film Festival

This article comes from WeChat official account:Adventure Movie (ID: cinematik) Today is the penultimate day of the 4th Pingyao International Film Festival. Just now, the section chief announced at a press conference at 7:30 in the evening: “This year may be the last Pingyao International Film Festival held by our team. Film exhibition. We did not spend a penny from the government, it was all social capital. We have already.. Read More