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Everything can be fitness ring: UP main explosion to Switch, play “Zelda” with fitness ring

This article comes from the WeChat public account “qubit” (ID: QbitAI), author Guo Yizhen, Ai Fan’er Authorized release. Hello everyone, this is Link. When I woke up from the Temple of Resurrection in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, I didn’t have the sword of the master, nor the shield of Hyria, nor the little green hat. But I have an expensive ring in my hand. It is.. Read More

“Moving Forest” fun inventory! Choosing the name, playing COS, stocking stocks … What else can’t be created?

“Animal Mori Friends” has been on sale for more than a week. This game, which focuses on leisure and health, is far more simple than it looks. What did the players do in Animal Friends? Why can Animal Friendship Society swept all kinds of social circles? Let’s take a look at the interesting things that happen in the game. Feng Shui is a Gua Gua, the master named it “The.. Read More

Morning Post | Luo Yonghao responded to being a anchor to make money to repay debt / iPhone 12 may be listed on schedule / TIM 3.0 supports WeChat login

Number of outbreaks today As of 7:30 on March 27, the National Health and Medical Commission has received a total of 82,431 confirmed cases, 3,513 confirmed cases, 3,306 dead cases, and 75,612 cured cases. Overseas epidemic: 634,185 confirmed cases overseas (+33,264 from yesterday) and 30,482 deaths (from yesterday)+ 1747), and 72,938 cases were cured (compared to yesterday’s +3318). Luo Yonghao responded to being a anchor to make money and repay.. Read More

Kirin 820 is a “ Tian Ji horse racing ” staggered positioning and time

In the era of K3V2, most people should not have such a rich day. His opponents such as Texas Instruments, STMicroelectronics, and Nvidia, who have been involved in the mobile phone AP field, are not in the mobile phone today. Fields played. The development of the Kirin series to this day has become a trend of invisibility with Qualcomm and Apple. Qualcomm is still only doing upstream supply chain pursuits.. Read More

You can never remove the mosaic

What picture is this? A mosaic picture. It sounds nonsense, but in fact, from the moment this picture was mosaicked, it has become another picture, and it can no longer return to the original “beautiful”. Because the mosaic picture is irreversible. But it still has to start with a recent video tool called JavPlayer, which claims to make “coded” videos “uncoded.” Combined with the content purchased by Japanese adult websites.. Read More

Forcing Netflix to change from HD to SD, how bad is the European network?

In 2020, it was probably adjusted to a difficult mode. The supply of masks and hand sanitizers was in short supply, and toilet paper had to be grabbed. Now even Internet access is limited. With the spread of the epidemic worldwide, Europe and the United States have also opened remote office models, coupled with the surge in online entertainment traffic, which has led to a huge increase in bandwidth demand… Read More

This walking air purifier has made me see the future of smart home

In a gray city with two ends for three days, the bad air is no longer a new thing. People only look forward to the moment when they get home from work to lie in bed and take a breath of fresh air. The “life-saving straw” in their home is an air purifier. There are more and more young people with air purifiers at home, but there are also many.. Read More

Cute wind game that macho loves! “Gather it! Why is Animal Friendship Society so “fragrant”?

“Because there is nothing, everything can be done.” Before the sale, “Assembly! The advertising phrase of “Animal Sen Friends” (hereinafter referred to as “Motion”) makes me confused. After all, the last game that made me feel “anything can be done” is still “Zelda: Wilderness” interest”. This cute-looking game with a seemingly simple process, why dare to say that everything can be done? In a deserted island, start your new life.. Read More

IPad Pro with touchpad is Apple’s compromise on human-computer interaction

The iPad was born as a tablet, and it’s been ten years. Let’s say we’re back to where we started from, and telling the first iPad users in 2010 that your tablet will turn into a computer with a physical keyboard and trackpad in ten years, which may be confusing to many people. But after many positioning adjustments, Apple did choose the latter on the two issues of “tablet computer”.. Read More

Why do crooked nuts do the confusing behavior of toilet paper?

When the “600 rolls of toilet paper robbery” occurred in Hong Kong in February, it was also treated as a joke by the group, but with With the epidemic spreading around the toilet paper, toilet paper really stood on the C-bit of this wave of buying, adding a touch of joy to the tense situation. Japanese people line up long toilet looting papers at drugstores, Australians have a fight over.. Read More