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Sony’s new CMOS + 2K / 120Hz screen, OPPO Find X2 exposure list

It has been more than a year and a half since the last OPPO release of the Find series, OPPO Find X2 finally appeared in our field of vision . As early as the end of last year, Shen Yiren, an OPPO executive, began to warm up the Find X2 series on Weibo. In early February, OPPO officially announced the Find X2 release poster, which is scheduled to be released.. Read More

QQ: “I didn’t expect me to be a learning software”

There is a topic on Weibo called #QQ 求 放过 #. On February 17th, with the peak of “online school” across the country, the news of # 慕 客 collapse 了 #, # 学习 通 collapse 了 #, # 中国 大学 mooc 输 了 # began to spread, and In the morning of the same day, the highest number of simultaneous QQ users on the audio and video reached daily.. Read More

Farewell to Microsoft’s family bucket, the mobile version of “3 in 1” Office is finally here

60w,×650.jpg 768w, -1024×867.jpg 1024w “sizes =” (max-width: 1141px) 100vw, 1141px “> If you think that “Office” simply packages the basic functions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, you are too underestimated by Microsoft. I even think that the highlight of this application is not “three in one”, but other auxiliary Features. Image to text Office provides two ORC functions: extracting text from images and extracting tables from images. You.. Read More

Exciting only by folding screen? TCL This stretched screen can be seen

Flexible screen is not a new word. From the first time I heard this term, it could have been almost as long as a child can grow to soy sauce. However, when a folding-screen mobile phone that could be mass-produced was finally made last year, the whole person still felt heated. But are the new forms created by flexible screens only curved screens and folding screens? Today, CNet issued a.. Read More

What does the P2i waterproof logo on Xiaomi 10 represent?

This article comes from the WeChat public account “Love Technology” (ID: FViewXFG), author Karen, love Fan Er released with permission. With the release of Xiaomi 10, the mobile phone market war at the beginning of the year is officially started. From a product point of view, this Xiaomi Mi 10 really can be called a “configured full” bucket machine, but the small flaw is still reluctant to retire the 1080P.. Read More

VAIO SX12 Experience: Light but Almighty

I added an idle item trading group a long time ago. As everyone knows, generally this group can’t drop any idle items, but group friends will give you crazy grass: Do n’t ask, it ’s the Dyson V10 vacuum cleaner. I suggest you add money to your MacBook Pro 16-inch. Giving my girlfriend a birthday present? The Mystery of the Aquamarine 鎏 Jin Huan Yan Set is worth having! In.. Read More

Morning Post | Apple may hold a press conference on March 31 / Eggshell Apartment responds to recent issues / TCL is making a “slide-out screen” mobile phone

The latest epidemic figures on February 18 ▲ National epidemic cumulative trend chart. Picture from: Sina ▲ New diagnoses and suspected trends are added across the country. Picture from: Sina As of 8:00 on February 18, the National Health and Medical Commission has received a total of 72,528 confirmed cases from the country (1,893 new cases from yesterday), 6242 suspected cases (1432 new cases from yesterday), and cumulative deaths There.. Read More

Musk’s US Speed ​​Breaks Through 1600 Meter Tunnel In Three Months

In order to avoid wasting precious time on congested roads, Kobe chose to travel by helicopter, but the world is unstable, the great athlete was killed in an unfortunate accident, and the tragic lessons once again warned the rich that the aircraft is not necessarily the safest way to travel . How to ensure safety and efficient commuting as much as possible, Musk opened his mind three years ago to.. Read More

Wearing this mask, can Face ID recognize Dad?

What screen have iPhone users seen the most recently? I’m afraid it’s a reminder that FaceID failed to recognize. Because of the need to wear a mask, many iPhone users have recently been unable to successfully unlock with Face ID. So, what if you put the blocked nose and mouth on the mask? No, not that. ▲ Picture from: @ 百度 手机 It’s this. Recently, product designer Danielle Baskin also.. Read More

A love on Amazon for only $ 4.99, do you dare to buy it?

This article comes from WeChat public account (ID: passagegroup), author Chen Yanni, Ai Fan Released with permission. On Valentine’s Day, e-commerce giant Amazon is suspected of launching its own dating platform, Amazon Dating. Photos of men and women are treated as merchandise and are displayed on the website. The title is the name and age of each person. Each date is clearly marked, starting at $ 4.99. It’s almost.. Read More