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This is the city with the least bubble in housing prices in China

I am most envious of the city, it must Changsha Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “really makes Rousseau” (ID: zhenjiaolujun0426), Author: Rousseau really makes the team. If there is a city in the country, It’s not because there is tea to drink, but because the city’s healthy and bubble-free housing prices have improved people’s happiness in life Let’s show you a picture first, you can.. Read More

Gene sequencing: the next “platform technology” that moves shoulder to shoulder (2)

Genes undergo routine clinical scans. In about 15 years, Schloss’s organization has invested $220 million in various start-ups and ideas. Its ultimate goal is to help reduce the cost of whole-genome sequencing and increase sequencing speed. Even if $1,000 to complete genome sequencing is still out of reach, a new generation of machines may also be available soon. Schloss recalled: “It is not clear how long it will take for.. Read More

Research and develop advanced packaging and placement equipment, “Huafeng Technology” will continue to expand the Chinese market

The equipment on sale has completed the full-line testing (PoC) of semiconductor packaging and testing plants and wafer fabs such as TSMC, ASE, Sipin, and Tongfu Microelectronics, and has formed sales. For a long time, the development of the semiconductor industry has followed Moore’s Law. However, as terminal products have higher and higher requirements for chip miniaturization, low energy consumption, high performance, low cost, high reliability and other indicators, wafer.. Read More

Countdown to the dissolution of R1SE: those dreams that have been “priced”

When the boy group R1SE is about to disband, the idol market is still moving forward in the mist. Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “entertainment thorn” (ID: yuci-er), author: Liu Ling Hay, editor: Zhou chu. It has been two years since R1SE became a group in “Creation Camp 2019”. That fantasy adventure game about youth, growth and dreams began to have new protagonists. With the.. Read More

What can Chinese Online bring to WeChat video account?

The cooperation between Tencent and Chinese Online came as promised-WeChat. Original observation of entertainment business Wen/Duckweed After Tencent invested in Chinese Online, the cooperation between the two parties came as scheduled, but this time it was an unexpected WeChat. Recently, a Chinese online announcement stated that it has reached a strategic cooperation with Tencent Technology on the digital publishing business. The digital copyright includes but is not limited to online.. Read More

Revelation of “Pull Back” One Hundred Years

Can Guochao save the power back? Writing | Ya Ting Edit|Perch Krypton appointment column planning: Liu Han This article is jointly produced by Krypton x New Eyes Under the sweep of the country’s tide, the rebound shoes with labels such as nostalgia and retro have developed strongly. According to public data, Huili’s sales volume exceeded 5 million pairs in 2018, and brand sales have doubled. In 2018, the sales of.. Read More

McDonald’s and Yuanqi Forest have placed bets, and the hundreds of billions of light food that once fell into the wind are on fire again?

From slimming and sculpting to showing the attitude towards life, who decides the future of light food? Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “Foodaily daily food” (ID: foodaily), Author: Archur. From slimming and sculpting to showing the attitude of life, who will decide the future of light food? Ching Ming has passed, and spring is strong. The domestic light food market is ushering in another spring… Read More

Focus Analysis | Taverns often have chains but not often. How did the “first share of taverns” be made?

The future ecological blueprint of Helens may be more than just a tavern. Text|Guo Jiajia Editor|Qiao Qian At the end of March, Helens submitted a prospectus to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. If it can ring the bell smoothly, it will be China’s “first tavern.” Founded in 2009, Helens is an offline tavern with a fully direct chain of stores, with an average store size of about 300 square meters… Read More

Takeama Smart completes RMB 100 million in C+ round financing and launches “Takeama Cloud” Cloud AI

In 2021, Takema Intelligence launched the AI ​​cloud platform “Emotibot Cloud” to further provide customers with a complete enterprise intelligent service software that is highly standardized, low-code customized, and precise in operation, helping enterprises to accelerate intelligent digital transformation. It was learned that Takema Smart completed a 100 million yuan C+ round of financing. This round was jointly invested by Shenneng Chengyi, GF Xinde, and Langmafeng Capital. The old shareholder,.. Read More