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Here comes the League of Legends card game! Fist in the next big game

If you are a “League of Legends” player, you may remember that the fist company drew seven big cakes in one breath at the 10th anniversary celebration of the League of Legends last October-including “League of Legends” and “Genting Game” “” Mobile game version, e-sports simulation management game, “League of Legends” card game and the new shooting game IP “Project A”, etc., have great ambitions to create a gaming universe… Read More

After the epidemic, the retail industry will undergo profound changes

Within 1-2 years after the end of the epidemic, the retail industry will accelerate its evolution in four directions: deep online, community and fragmentation, unmanned, and platform integration. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “ China-Europe Business Review ” ( ID: ceibs-cbr), editor: He Xiaoqing, Si Yujie The new crown pneumonia epidemic during the Spring Festival of 2020 affects the hearts of hundreds of millions of people… Read More

Use network effects to guide the seven choices of life and let you live the life you want (5)

Reveal the invisible power that guides your life. Shenzhen Translation Bureau is its compilation team, focusing on technology, business, workplace, life and other fields, focusing on introducing new foreign technologies, new perspectives and new trends. Editor’s note: Reading, working, settling, choosing a spouse … A person’s life will always face some key intersections. Should I go left or right? Your decision will often have a decisive impact on the rest.. Read More

Lei Jun uses Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro to shoot behind the earth, which is the ambition of commercial aerospace to break the game with a low price

Use low-cost methods to solve problems that could only be solved with high prices. Edit | Shi Yaqiong What would be the effect of shooting the earth with a mobile phone in space? At the press conference of the Xiaomi 10 / Mi 10 pro series mobile phones in the afternoon of February 13, Lei Jun gave the answer. In the afternoon of February 13, in addition to the regular.. Read More

Finding out the “hottest” AI temperature measurement industry in the security system

The article is from the public number: Heart of the Machine (ID: almosthuman2014) , author: Yu Yang, the original title: “fishing expedition security Department” most Thermal “AI temperature measurementIndustry: Daily supply of 100 sets of equipment, the single quote is more than 10,000 | AI war epidemic. Introduction: When the new crown epidemic became a large-scale public health event, security companies began to join the epidemic Prevent and control sniper.. Read More

Chinese scientists achieve ultra-long-distance quantum entanglement / Boston-powered machine puppies have found work / tangled for a long time, this year MWC cannot hold [Frontier Technology Weekly] No. 55

Unconsciously, it’s Friday again. It is estimated that everyone is like us, because the relationship between the epidemic is dwelling at home, and even the days of the week will almost forget. But it doesn’t matter, we bring you the “Front-end Technology Weekly” every Friday, and we will continue to bring you the latest front-end technology news during the epidemic. No more nonsense, here are the key news this week:.. Read More

To provide women with biodegradable tampons, American organic tampon brand “TOP” raises $ 1.6 million in seed round financing

Biodegradable tampon. According to foreign media crunchbase news reports that the United States TOP has completed a $ 1.6 million seed round financing by Maroon Venture Partners leads and other angel investors participate. The round of financing will be used to develop the company’s offline retail business across the country, as well as online businesses that plan to cooperate with the Amazon platform. TOP is an organic tampon product brand.. Read More

Why can only Xiaomi be saved by rising prices?

The article is from the public number: Fairy Jump (ID: xrtiaotiao) , author: semi-immortal Buddha, the original title: “millet prices are on Save the brand. ” 01 Xiaomi Mi 10 has been released. Although all the parameters have been spoiled for a long time, the charger Taobao brands have been sold for more than half a year, but the price is still fragrant. There are no surprises in the product.. Read More

Inside, KFC and Crocs launch fried chicken hole shoes

Today, there are more joint names than regular models. No matter how unconnected the two companies suddenly announced the cooperation, it is not unusual, but the latest joint products of KFC and Crocs are still attracting everyone ’s attention. Chicken + shoes, um, it has a taste. ▲ Picture from: Crocs This is not a pair of hole shoes designed with fried chicken as the theme. It is better to.. Read More

After the epidemic, what do people in the workplace need to do

This article is from public number: On line (ID: fenda_zaih) , author: Xue resolutely Now many companies have gradually resumed work, but different industriesRecovery is not the same. For example, Internet companies may work from home, but companies that have production tools such as catering and manufacturing must be closely integrated, and their return to work is not so easy. There are still many companies whose industry chains have been.. Read More