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In the intense competition of one hundred and one hundred, how does the Taihu Jinmao Yue refine the magic of “not you can’t”?

The first work of the “Super Hyatt” upgrade. Since last year, the supply of limited-competition houses has been blown out. In the homogenization battle for smaller and smaller gaps, buyers have become more and more critical. Recently, in the tension of many projects holding “I am too difficult”, there has been an unexpected event. The Taihu Jinmao Yue sales office located in the sub-center of the city did not open.. Read More

Do you recognize these “uncommon words”? This little program takes you to break words

In 2018, a divine song “The Uncommon Words” was smashed in the vibrato. The author of this song showed the charm of Chinese Chinese culture with a cheerful and passionate melody. Many netizens have said that they have listened to this song. I learned a lot of uncommon words that I didn’t know before. Today, I know that Jun is about to introduce a creative game that is also related.. Read More

127 cities compete for 15 places, “China Memphis” dispute, who will stand out

Who is the 15 cities, suspense is about to be announced. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account Western City (ID: xibuchengshi0518) , the author of Western bacteria. 15 more cities have been selected by the state and have been assigned a heavy responsibility! According to reports, after several months of screening and screening, the first batch of 15 national logistics hubs will be announced recently, marking the.. Read More

The biggest fear of Bill Gates: the brain stops working

In the past few years, I have been involved in the Netflix documentary about my work and life, which will be available on September 20. I hope that you will like it. Today, Bill Gates forwarded and shared the first trailer for Netflix’s new documentary “Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates” on personal tweets. According to Netflix official introduction, the series of documentaries has three episodes, Providing an “unprecedented way.. Read More

Can the reading group be turned over by IP?

Xinli Media, which was purchased by Yuewen Group for a large price, encountered the “worst era”. Editor’s note: This article comes from’s WeChat public account “Like Sany” (ID: Xiangsanyi007), reporter/Li Qingyuan. “Jinjiang Literature” once again entered the microblogging hot search list, its original contract author “墨香铜臭” was suspected of being illegally published and was arrested, “ink and copper smell” is The original author of this summer’s hit drama “Chen.. Read More

Technical blind spots and privacy boundaries for face recognition: When your face becomes a big data nourishment, is your face still okay?

This article comes from the public media (ID:quanmeipai), the author Tencent Media, Ai Faner authorized to release. “Brushing face” into the door, “by face” to eat… Today, when face recognition technology is maturing, these once imagined are infinitely close to reality. According to the forecast of the forward-looking industry research institute, the overall market for face recognition in China will grow rapidly in the next five years, and multi-industry applications.. Read More

Circle the world’s shopping centers, I want to expose you

Looking around the world, looking for commercial landmarks. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account Winners Network (ID: winshang), the author wins the business network. Business is the window between the city and people, and the symbol that best expresses the personality of the city. Throughout the world, many cities have such a commercial landmark, they are rooted in the urban fabric, and they are sentimental to the.. Read More

Does the hotel not provide disposable toiletries, is it really helpful to protect the environment?

Not providing disposable daily necessities has become a trend in the hotel industry. Editor’s note: This article is from “ love child norm “, Author: Lee extraordinary. Recent hotel chain Marriott announced to replace the larger vial of shampoo, conditioner and shower gel in the shower room in 2020 with a larger bottle with a pump cover. Marriott said it will reduce about 500 million small plastic bottles from the.. Read More

Tiantu Capital Feng Weidong: The core of consumer goods investment is the brand

How to define consumer goods? Why is the brand the core result of the company? How to evaluate the value of the brand? Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public No. “New consumption reference”(ID: cychuangye), author Xiao Hei. The original title “Tiantu Capital Feng Weidong: The core of consumer goods investment is the brand | New Consumer Investment Series III”. Zhou Black Duck, Ganqi Food, Baiguoyuan, Tangcheng Kitchen, Nai.. Read More