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Facebook’s growth potential should not be underestimated

Everything points to Facebook’s next stop-reaching $350 per share Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account ” beast Finance “(ID: mengshoucaijing) , author: beast Finance. Facebook’s stock price recently broke through our earlier target price of $300. Despite the rebound, Facebook continues to show some of the most attractive growth indicators with its excellent financial situation. Facebook’s stock price is still undervalued, maintaining double-digit return potential. Although.. Read More

More than 10 million people watch the constellation and tarot at station B. Is the business of “online fortune telling” good?

Author: Gu pull the wind, editor: Zhong Rui, design: Zhuangcong Ting, title figure from: Vision China Whether you are curious about “what is that person in your heart thinking” “do we have a chance to get back together”, or you want to know “what kind of person is the next love partner” “when will sweet love be my turn”, open Searching for “divination” at station B, there are millions of.. Read More

Overseas Daily | Brazilian Vice President: Chinese companies will not be restricted from participating in 5G tenders; Indian online education unicorn Byju’s receives another US$500 million

And, the joint Chinese online literature plan to go overseas was launched; Grab’s financial sector plans to raise US$300-500 million. Welcome to follow the WeChat official account (ID: wow36krchuhai) to obtain cutting-edge information and learn about new global trends in time. Scan the QR code at the end of the article to follow and join the overseas community to meet global business partners. Globalization of Chinese Enterprises Vice President of.. Read More

Australia is also afraid of Indonesia?

In the eyes of some tough people in Australia, only the dismemberment of Indonesia can ensure the safety of northern Australia. Australia has always been behind the separatist forces in Papua and Aceh in Indonesia. This article is from the WeChat public account:Geo-Valley (ID: Geo-Valley) author: time magician, head Figure from: vision China School/Windcatcher Painting/Face Shell Picture/Geographic Valley The long equator divides the earth into north and south halves. Due.. Read More

Belgians, really every one is a birdman

This article is from WeChat official account:Nine Lines (ID: jiuxing_neweekly) , author: old artists (Huang Po), head Figure from: vision China The old artist has been dreaming about one thing every day recently: When I retire, I must be like the old man in Beijing, carrying the bird cage and wandering around. Don’t believe me, how much does Beijing Master love to walk the birds? There is a saying in.. Read More

The plight of reading is not just a huge loss

Reading articles has entered a critical period of reform. Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “Connect Insight” (ID: lxinsight). Author | Bai Yang Edit | Ye Lili On the afternoon of September 4, many companies in the online literature industry made their group appearances at the 4th China “Internet Literature +” Conference. Reading articles, palm fun, tomato reading, rice reading, etc., are all rushing to release.. Read More

From “Volkswagen” Charm Blue to “Luxury” Angry Meow, how does Li Nan build a new domestic technology brand?

“Get rid of all the lines on the body and on the desktop within three years” Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat official account “True Fund “(ID: zhenfund) , author: Friends it real. At the end of August, Numiao announced at its press conference that it would build a Chinese luxury brand in the technology sector. Technology? Luxury? Chinese brand? The combination of these three words makes people.. Read More

30 series graphics cards beat the previous generation, why does NVIDIA want to step on the “toothpaste”?

This article is from WeChat official account:Love Faner (ID: ifanr) , author: Huang Zhijian, head Figure from: vision China “Moore’s Law is over.” Huang Renxun, CEO of the semiconductor industry giant Nvidia, laid out this helpless fact in front of the public at the 2019 CES conference. The future slowdown of semiconductor development seems to have become an indisputable fact. Moore’s Law was proposed by Gordon Moore, one of the.. Read More

The company that “manipulated” the epidemic data for Trump is about to go public. How amazing is it?

This article is from WeChat official account:Smart things (ID: zhidxcom), author: Lee green water The latest data on September 7 showed that the cumulative number of confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in the United States reached 6,276,834, with 188,941 deaths. But Trump has found a new “statement” for the painful epidemic data. He believes that there is a problem with the data! So, change people…change platforms… Just over a.. Read More

What kind of business is “Relocation of Weibo” at the expense of millions and artists?

This article is from WeChat official account:FUNJI melon base (ID: FUNJIdata) , author: Wang Zi ethnic cans, Original title: “Idol Weibo moving blood and tears | May the internal entertainment never move again”, the first picture from: “Please answer 1988” stills screenshot “Spent millions just to make the idol name a place, what is the picture?” I believe many people have had such questions in the past few days. A.. Read More