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The story of Niu Honda’s murder

Although Niu Honda has a good relationship, he has been concerned about his wife recently. Nippon Honda’s wife, the pineapple, was also one of the most beautiful girls in the village. In the first few years of working in the city, Niu Honda died on the job site as a horde of males, thinking that his wife could not sleep at night, and was looking forward to the New Year.. Read More


I woke up in a scream. An old man’s dream fell on that terrible flyover again. A drop of sweat dripped from my forehead, looking at the bathroom mirror, I saw my hair wetly on my forehead. I shook my head vigorously, and I had to forget everything in my dream. Crossing the bridge again slowly, like slow motion. I looked up subconsciously. The old man in the dream was.. Read More

Lonely old man

The couple finally bought a loft in the Lange community with the help of their friends. Although they are second-hand houses, they are much cheaper. After all, they don’t need to rent a house outside, and they have their own home. This makes the two who are not generous feel contented and happy! They are happily packing up the house. The decoration of the house is simple, but the basic.. Read More

After the college entrance examination

He fell off the list, which he never thought of. He locked himself in the small room that belonged to him only, and he did not want to see anyone. Gradually, he felt sleepy and was about to fall asleep. In the dream, he took a few pencil boxes and the admission ticket with his photo into the entrance of the examination room; in the dream, he felt that he.. Read More

Crimson Longevity Lock

Xiaoyang is seven years old this year. His grandfather gave him a flat and long life lock. This lock is also strange. The whole is dark red. Sometimes it is an unknown unknown like a thick red bloody blood. thing. What’s even more strange is that his grandfather died inexplicably after sending the long life lock. No one can tell how he died. He was tough and had no illness.. Read More

Ghost bus

Zhang Sheng worked in Wenzhou, and went home to visit relatives on National Day. His hometown is in the countryside of City D. First take the train to City D, and then transfer to the 307 bus, which can directly reach the door. As soon as Zhang Sheng left the train station, the sky changed. The sky was clouded, the thunder thundered, and a shower was imminent. Zhang Sheng was.. Read More

Big head ghost and funeral car

My father started working in the factory when he was 16 years old. At night, only the master and my father are on duty. And the masters are more “old traitors” and often leave my father alone and work in a large factory. This time was no exception, or my father was on night shift. Silent factory area, black and white. There was only a kerosene lamp that gave a.. Read More

Don’t just talk about dead people

Under the wheel. After a while, Yuye experienced death, his body became very light, and he fluttered. At this time he saw his body, and then saw the guests who had disappeared before. The guest turned his head, his flesh and blood were vague, and he smiled and said, “Haha, finally wait for the dead ghost.” Then it disappeared again. A stunned rainy night. At the same time, the rainy.. Read More

Midnight ghost blowing lamp

At the beginning of the 1990s, when I was only 5 or 6 years old, I had to stay at my uncle’s house because of my small family. The two are only over ten meters apart. My parents and two other uncles live in another house on a higher terrain. Every time I have dinner, I have to cross the path in the middle of the bamboo forest to take.. Read More