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Dreamy ghost

Wang Dabai has always dreamed at night recently. And all of them are good dreams. When I passed the fortune-telling street after get off work at night, I was stopped by fortune tellers who looked very accurate. The old fortune-teller said, girl, let’s see if you’re bleak in the hall, do you often dream recently. Wang Dabai said, not recently, I have been dreaming. The old man said, have you.. Read More

Guiguzi fortune telling

Korea. It turns out that these seven girls are the seven immortals in the sky. The fairy sisters said: “It’s rare that this little brother is honest and kind.” The youngest fairy said: “Why don’t the sisters know? This little brother has a good heart but a short life. In another hour, he is not destined to send the flood away. The fairy sisters were silent when they heard it,.. Read More

Sadako and Imp

The group finally revealed its true shape. “Ha! It turned out to be a bunch of dirty toothpicks!” The samurai yelled, contemptuous and surprised in the joy of victory. “Who threw the toothpick?” he asked loudly. But he couldn’t get an answer. Because the answer was hidden in Sadako’s heart, she was extremely ashamed, her face flushed, and she lowered her head silently. What is going on? It turned out.. Read More

Cat face old lady

The story of the old lady Mao Lian is widely circulated in the northeast, and Ghost has specially prepared one for everyone. This is a legend about the source of the old lady Mao Lian. There is an old lady in a small village. Her daughter-in-law treats her badly. She often beats and scolds her, and his son dare not care. Then one day, the old lady hanged herself… Read More

I am impermanence

In the dark night, a young man alone, a dark garage, irregular shapes, bare internal organs. The blood exudes a charming fragrance in the air. I am impermanence, I am impermanence, I am dressed in black. He and I called the black and white impermanence. There is more than one team of black and white impermanence in the entire hell, and there are many, responsible for the collection, eviction and.. Read More

Zhongyuan Fireworks

1. In fact, what is the girl’s name, Xiao Lin doesn’t know. Only know that on July 7th, a firework made them meet. That day, the lazy Xiaolin was sitting on the street, with a lake behind him and pedestrians in front of him. The setting sun gradually sinks in the twilight. Tanabata is a meaningless day for Xiaolin. Because no one else makes him miss him, and no one.. Read More

The fourth window on the third floor

Ann is a little disturbed. The man didn’t move his eyes, he kept looking at the window like this. “Really discovered?” An lowered his eyes, not daring to look at him again. But the strange behavior of that person attracted Ann’s attention again. The man leaned against a street sign and stretched out a finger to draw something in the void. Ann stared carefully and found that it was a.. Read More

Rabbit helps me smell

The so-called “upper incense” means the first person to light incense in the temple on the first day of the new year. The time should be early, preferably at midnight. The common people worship the Bodhisattva and put on the incense, in order to make a good luck, and hope that the new year will be smooth and auspicious. But at that time, the common people did not have a.. Read More

“Blood Mushroom” continued

I have already suspected that A Sheng’s death was not an accident. Could he already suspect me? And how did those villagers become so evil? All only has to wait for Li Qiye to wake up… Just as Feng Feng was concentrating on thinking, another thunderstorm broke through the dark night sky, resounding through the world. “A Sheng, don’t!” Li Li suddenly woke up, bounced off the bed, startled Feng.. Read More