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Jackal Brothers

Zhang grew up like a pan-an, handsome and elegant, and he was a jade-faced and beautiful young man, but he was also quite talented and knowledgeable. However, Zhang Sheng’s family was poor and couldn’t afford to open a pot. Fortunately, Mr. Liu liked his talent and hired him as a teacher at home. The next day, Liu Yuanwai recruited him with a smile, and said: “Zhang Sheng, you poor boy,.. Read More

The life of a gambler

A Chun is forty years old this year, working as an accountant in a company, but when he is at work, he is not seen every day, only the last few days of each month. The strange thing is that the boss is indifferent to his behavior and is very happy to see him. It turns out that Achun is a gambler, but he is different from the gambler who.. Read More

The story of the falling water dog

My name is Li Dong. I work in a factory. I face cold machines every day. Life is meaningless. It happened to be my turn to go to the night shift that day, and the roaring machine in my ears sounded. I have long been used to it. Life is so busy anyway. At about one o’clock in the morning, I heard a click, and the machine broke down. I.. Read More

Fish’s revenge

Opening the door, a strong fishy smell came out overwhelmingly. The old Wang dare to say that he had never smelled such a strong fishy smell in his life, and he immediately retched, his eyes were almost so smoked that he couldn’t open his eyes and his brain buzzed Humming. In the room, Yu Qiang was wrapped in a quilt, and refused to see people. The source of this fishy.. Read More


A woman named Li Xiaomei lives next to Jiangjiahe. Li Xiaomei is very beautiful, but because she has no mother since she was a child, she is very inferior and doesn’t like to talk. Even so, Li Xiaomei has a particularly kind heart. Every time she sees those children and old people who need help, she is the first to walk to them in silence. People who go to help… Read More

The wife gave birth with a wonderful hand, the fairy family gave up medicine

In ancient times, women giving birth were like stepping into a ghost gate with one foot. The danger was very high. Therefore, a special profession appeared: stable wife. And this stable woman not only helped countless little lives to come to the world, but also helped thousands of pregnant women turn their lives into peace. It is said that in the Republic of China, there was an aunt Liu in.. Read More

Desolate Grave Girl Ghost Repays Grace

By the way, in Daweizigou, there is a good young man named Gao Long. He is honest and honest, smart and hardworking. The people in Tunli love him very much. Gao Long has a hard life. He has lost his parents since he was a child. The people in the village pulled him up. Everyone would ask him to help him if he had anything big or small, and he.. Read More


This story happened in my neighbor’s house. I remember that I was about 11 or 2 years old. I was in my adolescence. I was full of curiosity about everything. Naturally, I was also particularly obsessed with ghosts. So, ninety percent of the bookshelves in my room are so-called horror novels. These stories really make me never get tired of them, but when the stories are When something strange happened.. Read More

Ye Yu old woman

In the past, my dad had a friend. I never knew what his name was, but I always called him Sanshu. He is tall and thin, very kind, and loves to chat with people. One day, my dad and I visited his house. When we were about to leave, it happened to rain lightly outside. The third uncle said let us stay longer, and he was just fine. Talk to.. Read More

Female ghost immersed in water

The story I’m going to tell today is closely related to the swimming pool. I believe many of my friends have been to the swimming pool, but you must have never noticed that there is always a large or small black area at the bottom of the swimming pool. It seems that there will never be any light in this position, and the beginning of today’s story will unfold from.. Read More