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Pour dog blood on the grave

A cow lame is not born lame, but when he was a child, he climbed a tree to dig a bird and fell and broke his bones. When he grows up, he limps. But although the lame cow was lame, his brains were very useful. He couldn’t do heavy work because of his poor legs and feet. When the villagers went to carry stones on the quarry in the mountains,.. Read More

Chased by ghosts

br/>Another man in our village also walked home at night. He seemed to be not long after my sixth uncle, but the two experienced different places and were far away. He drove his motorcycle home and passed a little bit in front of the bridge. He suddenly saw a woman in a red dress with long hair walking forward. He suddenly I knew I had encountered a dirty thing, because.. Read More

4 real rural ghost stories

1. Is it in 1997 or 1998? Anyway, in these three years, the protagonist is still my dad’s aunt should be called Auntie… If you know people in Xiacheng Village, Wenxu Town, Mengshan County, Wuzhou, Guangxi, you should know this. It was when I was in third or fourth grade. She died of medicine. Our customs are not. She died at home and couldn’t set up a mourning hall at.. Read More

Python in front of the grave

In the early Qing Dynasty, the Zhang family in Ningyuan County was a well-known wealthy family in the county. Mrs. Zhang’s original wife suddenly got a strange illness last year, and after having hired several doctors, she couldn’t tell why she came. Everyone in the county said, “Mrs. Zhang is always kind and willing to give. She hasn’t survived for a month. Good people don’t live long.” In March of.. Read More

Baby in the cave

Wang Bowei discovered a strange thing. The yellow dog in the family has always sneaked out of the house from time to time since that day, and went home very late when he went out. After returning home, he always had scars all over his body. This makes Wang Bowei increasingly suspicious. Originally, Wang Bowei did not notice the yellow dog’s abnormality. After all, the family never locked it. The.. Read More

Mulberry is not lost

The folk rumors that mulberry trees are the same as mourning trees, and planting mulberry trees in front of the door will bring misfortune to the family. No, Li Youfu, the rich man in Anping Town, has a mulberry tree in front of his house. It grows luxuriantly and it is almost taller than his house. Li Youfu felt that this mulberry tree was too intrusive, completely blocking the sunlight.. Read More

After breaking up

Ding Wei is a southerner. His parents were originally farmers. In the 1980s, he went to sea to do business. Starting from setting up street stalls, he slowly gained a place in a large wholesale market. Later, he switched to passenger transport and took long distances. Because he was often away from home, he left Ding Wei to take care of him. Out of apology to Ding Wei, they chose.. Read More

Black Tan Water Ghost

The world of noodles is very fun, your friends are still waiting for you. “ The woman caught up. I wanted to leave her to escape. But I felt that my feet couldn’t move anymore, so I looked back and saw the pale ghost. The hand has grabbed my ankle, and the pale grimace showed a cold smile. Suddenly the fear came up, and I was paddling the water desperately… Read More

Catch the wrong soul

By the way, there is a hapless person named Wang Jianguo, who was fine in the first half of the night, but was hooked by the evil spirit in the second half of the night for no reason, and was taken to Jiuquan to meet the King of Yama. Wang Jianguo cried out injustice all the way, and seeing the Hades was more like seeing the savior. “Lord Yan, I.. Read More

Ghost ring

There is a street near the school, where there are many street stalls selling all kinds of goods. Many students like to come here to see if they can buy something they like. Wu Xue and her other friend Fan Dongchen are no exception. They often walk around this street holding hands. On this day, they stopped in front of a booth where all kinds of weird gadgets were placed… Read More