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Can I drink red bean and barley tea during menstruation?

Combining red beans and barley can be used for detoxification and beauty. So it is very popular among female friends. However, some women are not suitable for drinking red bean and barley tea. For example, women who are invaded by wind and cold are not suitable for drinking red bean and barley tea for the time being. So, can women drink red bean and barley tea during menstruation? Women can.. Read More

What to do to check the breast

The breast is a particularly vulnerable part, so female friends should pay attention to the breast For health problems, you should not only check yourself regularly, but you should also go to the hospital for physical checkups on a regular basis. This can detect the disease as soon as possible, and can be treated in time at the beginning of the disease. So, what checks do women need to check.. Read More

What is chronic eczema

Chronic eczema is a common disease. After everyone gets sick, it will appear very obvious Symptoms. For chronic eczema, treatment measures should be taken as soon as possible. Without timely treatment, eczema may spread. In turn, it affects a large area of ​​skin. So, what is chronic eczema? Chronic eczema is an inflammatory reaction of the skin, usually severe after the illness Itching symptoms, and it is easy to recur.. Read More

Is pulling milk flaps lactose intolerant?

< /p> After the baby is born, parents must take care not only of the child You should also observe your baby’s defecation, which can reflect your child’s digestion status. Some parents will find that there are milk flaps in their children’s stools, and they are very worried that the baby is sick. So, is it lactose intolerant to pull the milk flap? The baby’s milk flap is pulled, which.. Read More

Can I eat pineapple during menstruation?

Pineapple is a very popular fruit, many people love it very much pineapple. Female friends must pay attention to keeping warm and personal hygiene during menstruation. And also need to make some adjustments to the diet, not to eat strong irritating, cold and cold foods. So, can I eat pineapple during menstruation? Women can eat pineapple during menstruation, but they should not over-eat them. Because pineapple is a slightly cold.. Read More

What is progesterone?

Progesterone is an important hormone in women’s body. After pregnancy, women usually have to undergo many tests, including progesterone, but some women I don’t know much, and once the progesterone is relatively low, it is easy to cause miscarriage, which makes women more worried. Then, what is the test for progesterone? Progesterone is a test of progesterone levels in the body. It is necessary for women to perform this test… Read More

How to remove scars from three-year-old scalds

Three-year-olds are very active. If they are not careful, they may have problems. Sometimes they will get burned and leave scars. Removing the scars becomes a top priority. , How can I get rid of the scars of a three-year-old child? If your child has a slight scald, you can try a massage method. Rub the scar with the root of your palm. It will have a certain effect on.. Read More

How many methods are there for contraception?

Couples will encounter contraceptive problems. When they are not planning to have children, everyone We must pay attention to contraception and try to avoid unintended pregnancy, otherwise women’s abortion will bring great harm to health. Everyone should choose scientific and efficient contraceptive methods when contraceptive. So, how many methods are there for contraception? There are many contraceptive methods, such as taking contraceptive pills, placing contraceptive rings, and using Contraceptives, etc… Read More

What does it mean to be unable to conceive naturally

Nowadays, people pay special attention to childbirth. Generally, when preparing to have children, they will first To prepare for pregnancy, but also to the hospital for examination. However, some couples will experience infertility and may not be able to conceive naturally, which should be treated by scientific methods. So, what does it mean to be unable to conceive naturally? Failure to conceive naturally means that the couple cannot get pregnant.. Read More

How should breast disease eat?

Breast health troubles many female friends. Suffering from breast disease brings a lot of discomfort and affects health. People with breast disease need to pay special attention to diet and avoid eating indiscriminately in order to prevent the further development of the disease. So, what should I eat for breast disease? Women with breast disease need a light diet first. Foods such as spicy, irritating, deep-fried, raw and cold, fried,.. Read More