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A little story changes history

   It was the winter of 1941.    That year, the flames of World War II were burning. The world is bleeding, suffering, moaning, struggling.    The winter in that year was particularly cold. In December 1941, it was the season of dripping into ice. The streets of Washington, the capital of the United States, are covered with thick snow, and the icy road is very slippery. It’s almost Christmas,.. Read More

Meet Zhou Yu

   On a common, uncommon night, I saw Zhou Yu with a piece of reed on my pillow. Zhou Yu of the Three Kingdoms, who galloped gallopingly and heroically.   Because the moon is good, and it is in the wilderness, the transparency of the air is very high, so even at night, I recognized him at a glance. That night I wore a white nightgown, black hair drooping, and bare.. Read More

Female La Biao Gai Ji Gui Ji Zheng Ji

1  My mother felt a lot of emotion before going out, and her mouth was flying: “Although you can leave my ears and enjoy the old age, but you are so big to support you, you can run far away, and it’s really sad. “I glanced at her. What a sad look like that is simply the sky in the liberated area, the thief is bright!”    “Huang Tai, I will.. Read More

Redirect your dream

  She was a lively girl since childhood. At that time, she liked to watch gymnastics competitions, and was often attracted by the graceful and dexterous postures of gymnasts, so she dreamed that she could one day also be on the stage of gymnastics competitions.   When she was 5 years old, her father sent her to the city gymnastics team. In the gymnastics team, she worked very hard and practiced very.. Read More

How to be a “rich man” today

  Recently, the criticism of the “rich second generation” has been intensive. From the case of Hu Bin drag racing on the streets of Hangzhou, I went to a university in Wuhan to see the “rich girl” sitting in a long Lincoln car and carrying 19 boxes of luggage across the province to go to school. During this period, how much farce was performed, and how much anger was attracted.   Which.. Read More

Comprehensive Analysis of the Chinese Zodiac Entrepreneurship Success Index

Comprehensive analysis of the Chinese zodiac entrepreneurial success index  Mouse: doing things well, but lacking in characteristics due to being too attached to others  Entrepreneurship success index 3: People who have a great chance to work and play their own business, want to start a business, in the lunar calendar 3, 7 In October, December, looking for a partnership with an elder or a friend of the Chinese zodiac dragon or cow,.. Read More

Why can’t we find “good jobs”

Work, regardless of whether it suits you.   ”Good job” must be consistent with self-value orientation  The so-called value orientation means what kind of person do you want to be? Personally, my goal is to be a good teacher. This goal It has never changed. In my opinion, this is the most valuable. Many people are confused because they haven’t figured out what they want, or figured it out, but hesitated again.. Read More

How to live interesting

  Our generation, thinking about how to live “interesting”, is far less than thinking about living “meaningful”. Therefore, many things are boring.      The seventies old woman drives a sports car      I have a pair of friends in Australia. Last year, the 75-year-old husband’s Christmas gift to his 71-year-old wife was a second-hand roadster. We went to their house to cross the door, and the old lady who had been.. Read More

Soldier staring at the girl

   The young soldier returned to his hometown on vacation. He was happy to tell his parents about his life in the army. Suddenly he stopped and looked up at the four girls walking on the street outside the window.    The mother whispered to her father, “Look! Our children have grown up, he never paid attention to the girls before joining the army.”    Their son focused on the.. Read More

Don’t come here again

  A married woman has an affair, and every time his lover comes, she closes her 9-year-old son in the cupboard. One day, the lady heard the sound of a car in the driveway and closed her lover into the cupboard.   In the cupboard, the little boy said, “Here, the head is really dark.”    “Yes!” the man answered.    “Want to buy a baseball?” the little boy asked with a.. Read More